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Dive into the fascinating world of WEINMANN Emergency’s modern emergency medical products! As a well-known supplier, we will always keep you up to date with our latest product innovations and exciting events. Experience the future of emergency medicine up close and personal, and discover at first hand how our medical devices save lives and drive medical progress. Stay informed and don’t miss a single piece of news from the world of emergency medicine!

Meeting at WEINMANN
03/07/2024 · Company

The Medical Device Regulation (MDR) - A Blessing or a Curse?

What impact does MDR have on WEINMANN?

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Dr. Joachim Griefahn and Marc Griefahn
17/06/2024 · Company

WEINMANN Beginnings: from Precision Engineering to International Medical Technology Company

How has WEINMANN developed into an international medical technology company?

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Dr. Peter Tschentscher and André Schulte
04/06/2024 · Company

Distinguished Visitor for the Company Anniversary

On Friday, May 31, “150 years of WEINMANN” was celebrated at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

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MEDUVENT Standard in use
28/05/2024 · Products

MEDUVENT Standard: User-focused product development

What drives the development of our ventilator?

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Weinmann Team at Rettmobil 2024
23/05/2024 · Fairs & Events

That’s a wrap for RETTmobil 2024

WEINMANN presented its products and solutions at RETTmobil – with great success!

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Non invasive ventilation of a woman in a climbing hall
10/04/2024 · Products

MEDUVENT Standard Available with Pressure-Controlled Ventilation Modes

New features for MEDUVENT Standard have been announced by WEINMANN Emergency.

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Team WEINMANN at Arab Health
09/04/2024 · Fairs & Events

20 Years’ Arab Health for WEINMANN

Exciting discussions, product demonstrations and a large distributor meeting: highlights at a glance.

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Employee Clinical Affairs
15/01/2024 · Employees

What Role Does Clinical Affairs Play in Medical Technology?

Discover the role of Clinical Affairs in medical technology!

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Logo BeWE
08/01/2024 · Company

New Employer Branding Claim at WEINMANN Emergency: Be WE.

WEINMANN Emergency is proud to present its new employer branding claim.

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Receptionist at Weinmann Emergency
17/10/2023 · Employees

Our Ray of Sunshine in Reception | Andrea Weidhofer

Andrea has been bringing joy to reception with a smile always on her face.

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Applications specialist of WEINMANN Emergency
12/10/2023 · Employees

World Record-Holder in Resuscitation | Anne-Marie Willems

One highlight of her career is a world record in resuscitation training for children.

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Three WEINMANN Emergency employees performing resuscitation on a dummy.
03/10/2023 · Products

Why CCSV Simplifies the Workflow During Resuscitation

Marian finds CCSV offers a major performance advantage.

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CARL Technology of Resuscitec
01/06/2023 · Company

Strategic Sales Partnership between Resuscitec and WEINMANN Emergency

WEINMANN Emergency distributes the CARL Technology of Resuscitec in France via its subsidiary WEINMANN Emergency France.

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Father and daughter working together at Weinmann Emergency
22/05/2023 · Employees

Like Father, Like Daughter

Daughter Jana and father Harry tell what it's like to work together.

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Two paramedics use Rescue Pack Plus
10/05/2023 · Products

RESCUE-PACK Plus: The New Companion for any Emergency Situation

RESCUE-PACK Plus makes everyday life easier for emergency medical services.

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Medumat Transport in use
05/04/2023 · Company

WEINMANN Emergency to Cooperate with medDV

WEINMANN Emergency enters into a long-term partnership with the Fernwalde-based company medDV.

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Reanimation of patient with Weinmann Emergency ventilator
27/03/2023 · Products

How CCSV can Advance CPR Research

Dr Birgit Plöger talks about the benefits of CCSV and why she thinks resuscitation research must continue.

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Risk and Quality Manager at Weinmann Emergency
20/03/2023 · Employees

Generalist and Specialist Rolled into One | Tobias Wenk

A well-functioning risk management is obligatory in medical technology.

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A man is lying on the ground and is being resuscitated by two paramedics and an emergency doctor. They use a Medumat Standard2 with CCSV.
07/11/2022 · Products

Resuscitation with CCSV Proves Easy to Use and Extremely Helpful

For the past few months Mareike and Hakan have been using a new feature of MEDUMAT Standard2: CCSV.

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Customer Service Specialist at Weinmann Emergency
01/09/2022 · Employees

We Accompany Our Customers through the Entire Customer Experience | Christiane Melerski

Christiane explains how she and her colleagues are the mouthpiece between the company and customers.

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Medumat Standard2 and Meducore Standard2 in use
18/08/2022 · Products

CCSV – The iPhone in Ventilation during CPR

What do the iPhone and CCSV have in common? They are products that have resulted in a revolutionary change.

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Service Technician at Weinmann Emergency
02/08/2022 · Employees

How You Can Become a Service Technician at WEINMANN Emergency

Find out now which qualifications you need for the job as a service technician.

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Team Leader QMS+RA at Weinmann
19/07/2022 · Employees

Expert for the approval of medical devices | Kristin Ratschiller

Kristin appreciates the respectful cooperation among colleagues at WEINMANN Emergency. Find out more now!

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Head of Operational Technical Customer Service at Weinmann
12/07/2022 · Employees

Always Searching for New Challenges | Mathias Düwel

Mathias explains why he is never bored and how he made to Team Leader.

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Weinmann Emergency team at Rettmobil 2022
06/07/2022 · Fairs & Events

Highlights of the Rettmobil International 2022

We were finally back at the RETTmobil in Fulda and we celebrated it! We have summarized the highlights for you.

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Emergency doctor in front of a helicopter
15/06/2022 · Customers

The WEINMANN Emergency Devices Have Never Yet Let Us Down | Dr. Endruweit

“Whenever you call, WEINMANN Emergency immediately tries to contribute to a solution.”

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Crew member of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service on an airbase
10/06/2022 · Customers

There’s the Device and the Certainty That It Will Do What It’s Supposed to | D. Rowan

What motivates Daniel Rowan is the high level at which he can work with the air ambulance.

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Emergency Doctor
05/06/2022 · Customers

Personally I Love the Challenge of Having No Idea in the Morning What I will Be Doing at Lunchtime | Dr. Schaumberg

Like so many people, Dr. Alin Schaumberg comes to the emergency services via national service.

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Paramedic in front of an ambulance car
30/05/2022 · Customers

Make It As Simple As Possible to Have the Best | A. Kube

Kube says that more than anything, reliable, fast and flexible service is very important.

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Paramedic in front of a medical car
20/05/2022 · Customers

My Favorite Device Is the WEINMANN Emergency ACCUVAC | N. Gercken

During his 23 years in emergency medical services, Gercken says he is always impressed with simple, reliable things.

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Rescue Scene in the mountains with one patient
20/04/2022 · Products

MEDUCORE Standard² in Inhospitable Terrain

Emergency paramedic Matthias Schübel explains how MEDUCORE Standard² helps in mountain rescue.

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Service Sales Manager at Weinmann Emergency
15/04/2022 · Employees

From Dual Student to Service Sales Manager in Dubai | Hauke Moeschke

Hauke talks about his experiences and how he tries to make saving lives easier.

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Product Manager at Weinmann Emergency
12/04/2022 · Employees

From Paramedic to Product Manager | Kent Fredriksdotter

As a former paramedic, Kent always has users’ problems in mind.

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Application specialist at Weinmann Emergency
05/04/2022 · Employees

Application Specialist with Passion | Marian Stengel

Marian tells us about the role that knowledge transfer plays in his work as an application specialist.

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Marketing Manager at Weinmann Emergency
25/03/2022 · Employees

Our Strategist from the World of Flashing Blue Lights | Kira Freiin von Hardenberg

Doing voluntary work alongside a job? That’s no problem for Kira – quite the opposite.

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Dual student at Weinmann Emergency
20/03/2022 · Employees

I Want to Help Shape the Future | Olivia Kniebel

Our dual student Olivia talks about her experiences and the advantages of a dual study program.

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Project Manager at Weinmann Emergency
20/03/2022 · Employees

From Dual Student to Project Manager | Moritz Baumann

Moritz helps to find product solutions for various topics.

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Männlicher Produkt Manager bei Weinmann Emergency
15/03/2022 · Employees

Digital Trendsetter in Data Management | Steffen Schmitt

What does it mean to integrate digitalization into the medical world?

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Ingenieurin bei Weinmann Emergency
08/03/2022 · Employees

Engineer for the Medical Technology of Tomorrow | Nadja Stümer

“I hold the product in my hand and know that it will save people’s lives. That makes me proud.”

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Cost Manager at Weinmann Emergency
05/03/2022 · Employees

Between Paragraphs, Cost Management and Playmobil | Anna Lena Alff

Find out more about Anna Lena's tasks and how she manages to juggle family and a career.

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Male product manager at Weinmann Emergency
28/02/2022 · Employees

Dares to Dive in at the Deep End | Samir El Diwany

Why is it important to repeatedly dive in at the deep end, even when it takes a lot of effort?

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Male Product Manager at Weinmann Emergency
28/02/2022 · Employees

A Mouthpiece Between Users and Developers | Dustin Bargfrede

“In the end, it really has to fit the customer’s needs perfectly.”

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Male Sales Manager at Weinmann Emergency
22/02/2022 · Employees

That’s the Nice Thing about WEINMANN Emergency. It Is One Community | Stefan Kühn

The role of Senior Manager for Sales Development sends Stefan out into the big wide world.

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Patient is taken to the ambulance car
15/12/2021 · Products

CPAP Therapy Would Save Many People's Lives | A Doctor in Uganda

Dr. Alenyo gives us an insight into Uganda's prehospital emergency care.

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Emergency doctor on airbase of Johanniter Gießen
11/10/2021 · Customers

MEDUMAT Transport Is a Convincing Product | M. Taleb

Mr Taleb is very enthusiastic about the close collaboration with WEINMANN Emergency.

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Mr. Mandel from RKiSH
10/10/2021 · Customers

That‘s Eye-to-Eye Communication | C. Mandel

"When MEDUMAT Transport was introduced three years ago, we enjoyed special training. It was very intense."

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H. Sander from RKISH during a presentation
07/10/2021 · Customers

The Briefing and Training on the Devices Were Top Quality | H. Sander

Henning Sander is responsible for training and continuing education of the more than 730 paramedics on staff.

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06/10/2021 · Products

Let’s Hear from Our Devices | ACCUVAC

Our suction device ACCUVAC tells how it helps EMS with the lifesaving ventilation of patients.

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Meducore Standard2 comic
29/09/2021 · Products

Let’s Hear from Our Devices | MEDUCORE Standard²

Our monitor/defibrillator explains how it was able to help EMS staff save the life of a man.

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Meduvent Standard comic
22/09/2021 · Products

Let’s Hear from Our Devices | MEDUVENT Standard

Learn now in which emergency responses MEDUVENT Standard is particularly helpful.

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Medumat Standard2 comic with various Icons
14/09/2021 · Products

Let’s Hear from Our Devices | MEDUMAT Standard²

What would our devices say if they could talk? Find out in our new series.

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A man is lying on the ground and is being resuscitated by two paramedics using Medumat Standard2.
07/09/2021 · Company

That Means for us “We Simplify Saving Lives”

We have a new slogan! Find out what this means for our employees and our CEO.

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