That’s the Nice Thing about WEINMANN Emergency. It Is One Community | Stefan Kühn

22/02/2022 Employees

Male Sales Manager at Weinmann Emergency

“The emergency medical services are the focus,” states Stefan, Manager of Sales Development. He has been with WEINMANN Emergency for nine years. “Many of us come from the emergency medical services. And we have dedicated our lives to emergency medical services.” You can clearly see that he is very passionate about his work. 

Before Stefan joined WEINMANN Emergency nine years ago, he worked full-time as a paramedic. During his first years at WEINMANN Emergency, he also worked part-time for RKISH. “Many of my colleagues at WEINMANN Emergency do voluntary work or are involved with the emergency medical services.” Stefan remains in contact with his former colleagues and regularly exchanges ideas with them. That means he is quite certain about what requirements customers have. “You see it from a completely different level. You’re simply on that wavelength, so your opinion is readily valued,” he explains.

Opportunities for further development

Stefan is impressed by his employer: “They see what the employees achieve.” For instance, he was given the opportunity of a career move to Product Management. His career path later led him to the role of Sales Developer in the Sale Services department. “Simply put, I have the chance to further develop myself here. That’s really great.” He values the level of individual responsibility in his work, and his close collaboration with colleagues. “That’s the nice thing about WEINMANN Emergency. It is one community. I’m committed to the culture and the products.”

Close collaboration is paramount for Stefan

As Senior Manager for Sales Development, Stefan is responsible for identifying market potential. In addition, he must coordinate large international projects and work in close collaboration with his international colleagues. One second we are talking about a project in Asia and a moment later we switch to South Africa. Stefan strives for close collaboration with users. “We develop products and ensure that they are intuitive and easy for the customer to operate.” His own experience is of great benefit. “I was also the user once.”

Travel Around the World

His role as Senior Manager for Sales Development sends him out into the big wide world. This is an important part of his work, finds Stefan: “WEINMANN Emergency is active internationally. That involves travel. Despite advancing digitalization, personal and direct contact with customers and users is still very important. A lot can be discussed and explained in video conferences. Training with the devices is also possible online. However, we are dealing with life-saving medical technology here. In the field, it is much easier for me to address the local situation and familiarize myself with the highly country-specific conditions and working methods.”

Five Quick Facts About Stefan

  • In my job, it is above all necessary to be flexible.
  • My day-to-day work is characterized by a great deal of different challenges. That is what makes it interesting.
  • My colleagues say that I am Kühni.
  • For me, WEINMANN Emergency is more than just a job.
  • At the weekend I hope that HSV win or at least play well.
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