MEDUCORE Standard²

In an emergency, concentrate on the essentials

MEDUCORE Standard² with battery

Convincing performance

Specialist assistance requires user-friendly technology of the highest standard. MEDUCORE Standard² won’t keep you waiting! The compact monitor/defibrillator is quick to take to the emergency site and has all the functions necessary to monitor the patient and provide extended diagnostic capacity. MEDUCORE Standard² also provides support if shock delivery is required. Intuitive operation takes you safely through the resuscitation process: our monitor/defibrillator delivers maximum safety for both users and patients. 

Five benefits of MEDUCORE Standard²

  • Basic Life Support: Basic monitoring with SpO₂, NIBP, 6-lead ECG, AED mode
  • Advanced Life Support: 12-lead ECG, manual defibrillation, cardioversion
  • Data transmission: E-mail, WiFi, Bluetooth®
  • Can be combined with a ventilator on a LIFE-BASE portable unit
  • Light, space-saving and rugged

Our experience with MEDUCORE Standard² has been excellent so far - and we’ve had lots of positive feedback from other regional associations too.

Matthias Schübel Paramedic
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Customer service

If you are interested and would like to know more about MEDUCORE Standard², then contact us directly!

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Rescuer operates MEDUCORE Standard²
MEDUCORE Standard² in use on patient
Paramedic adjusts MEDUCORE Standard² during patient monitoring
Patient transfer: MEDUCORE Standard² in use

More product information


Monitor mode:

Shows all vital signs at a glance – with color coding for easy, intuitive assignment.

NIBP function mode:

Includes non-invasive blood pressure measurement and venous stasis function. 

AED mode:

Guides users through the resuscitation process with audio and visual instructions.

Manual mode (optional):

Facilitates manual defibrillation for experienced users. Optionally with synchronized shock delivery for cardioversion.

12-lead ECG mode (optional):

Allows advanced ECG diagnostics directly on the display.

Session data upload (optional):

Upload device session data to the WEINMANN Connect web portal. 

Bluetooth® data transmission (optional):

Provides data for a compatible digital patient data recording system. 

Print (optional):

Allows various ECGs and records to be printed.

Accessories & portable units 

Accessories and consumables need to be as easy to use as the monitor/defibrillator. We have a variety of accessories and consumables for MEDUCORE Standard². 

Go to emergency accessories 

Matching portable units 


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Download area

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Technical details

Dimensions (W x H x D):

242 mm x 137 mm x 130 mm

Weight excluding battery:

approx. 2.25 kg

Weight including battery:

approx. 2.75 kg

Product class to Directive 93/42/EEC:


Temperature range, temporary operation:

-20 °C to +55 °C

Temperature range, continuous duty:

0 °C to +40 °C


15 % rh to 95 % rh

Air pressure:

540 hPa to 1,100 hPa

Battery runtime:

approx. 5 h monitoring

Battery charging time (0 % - 90 %):

approx. 3.5 h

Power supply:

12 V to 15.1 V

Session data storage:

internal memory: approx. 9.5 h

SD card (32 GB):

approx. 1,675 h

Data transmission:

WiFi, Bluetooth®, SD card

Display type:

TFT color display

Display size:


Display resolution:

640 x 480 pixels

Information displayed:
  • ECG curves (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1 - V6)
  • Defibrillation energy
  • Time since last shock
  • ECG derived by defibrillation electrodes
  • Number of shocks delivered
  • Instructions for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Heart rate (30/min to 250/min)
  • Pulse rate (30/min to 250/min)
  • Oxygen saturation (45 % to 100 %)
  • SpO₂ plethysmogram
  • Blood pressure (systolic and diastolic)
  • Time
  • Session duration
  • Battery capacity
  • Alarm causes 
Defibrillator shock form:

biphasic, current-controlled, impedance-compensated, asynchronous (defibrillation) or synchronous (cardioversion)

Energy level:

can be set from 1 J to 200 J

Charging time:

approx. 8 s (200 J)

Shock sequence:

constant or escalating (programmable)

Patient impedance:

5 Ω to 200 Ω

AED mode protocol:

ERC 2015

Analysis time:

8 s


can be set to 100/min, 110/min, 120/min, deactivated

Time between cardiac rhythm analyses:

can be set from 120 to 300 s

Measuring range, systolic blood pressure:

40 mmHg to 260 mmHg

Measuring range, diastolic blood pressure:

20 mmHg to 200 mmHg

Venous stasis function:


Interval measurement:

30 s to 60 min

Alarm system:
  • Alarm limits: can be set for all measured values
  • Auto alarm function: yes
  • VF/VT alarm: can be deactivated if required
  • Muting of audio alarm output: can be paused for 1/2/5/10 minutes or permanently deactivated if required
  • Alarm tone acknowledgment: yes 
External printer:
  • Print width: 80 mm 
  • Print method: direct thermal printing 
  • Degree of protection against ingress of water/dust: IP54 
  • mechanical resistance to falling: 1.5 m 
Degree of protection against ingress of dust/water:


Standards applied:

DIN EN 60601-1
DIN EN 60601-1-2
DIN EN 60601-1-6
DIN EN 60601-1-8
DIN EN 60601-1-12
DIN EN 60601-2-4
DIN EN 60601-2-25
DIN EN 60601-2-27
DIN EN 60601-2-30
DIN EN 60601-2-49
DIN EN 60601-2-61
DIN EN 1789

Training courses and interactive training

Our training video teaches you how simple and intuitive it is to use MEDUCORE Standard². Part 1 introduces among other things the device, defibrillation, and menu navigation. Part 2 explains the various options, including 12-lead ECG and session data upload. 

Get to know the functions and operation of MEDUCORE Standard² better with the aid of our interactive simulation software. 

Interactive training

Simulation MEDUCORE Standard2 version 3.1

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