Connecting Low-pressure Hoses (LPH) and Adapters

to ventilators and nasal cannulas

Low-pressure Hose with adapter

Tailored to your needs

For the connection between the oxygen source and the device being supplied, you can get a wide range of ready-made low-pressure hoses from us. On the one hand, we have low-pressure hoses for directly connecting ventilators and oxygen sources. On the other hand, we can provide you with flexible connectors. This is the solution for you if you work in a region where different standards for oxygen connections are used. 

The low-pressure hoses are best suited for medical use because they are made of medical, DEHP-free PVC. You can find an overview of the various connection options here

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Adapter 1485 with oxygen quick coupling
Adapter with oxygen quick coupling, G 3/8" female thread | WM 1485
Angled connection nozzle with union nut for inhalation pressure reducer, 90° angle
Angled connection nozzle with swivel nut, 90°, Ø 6 mm, UNF 9/16"
Adapter with internal thread and oxygen quick coupling according to British Standard 5682
Adapter with G 3/8" internal screw thread and quick release coupler for British Standard 5682 (Schrader) | WM 1490
NIST adapter with internal thread and NIST external thread
NIST adapter with G 3/8" female thread and NIST male thread | WM 22584
WEINMANN oxygen hose
WEINMANN oxygen low-pressure hose with angled nozzle G 3/8"
T-distributor with rapid oxygen coupling
WEINMANN Medumat T-distributor with rapid oxygen coupling | WM 3910

Available connections

Union nut

G3/8", angled, WM22319
G3/8", straight, WM 1470
9/16", angled, WM 29140

Walther plug

Walther type, angled, WM 3799
Walther type, straight, WM 4364

Walther coupling

Walther type, straight, WM 4361

Plug as per DIN

DIN 13260 type, angled, WM 2057

Plug as per AFNOR

AFNOR type, angled, WM 22252

Plug as per DIN

AFNOR type, straight, WM 22296

Plug as per AGA

AGA type, angled,  WM 22345

Plug as per SIS

SIS type, angled, WM 22929

Screw connection as per DISS

DISS type, straight, WM 20323

Plug as per BS

BS 5682 type, straight, WM 28627

Plug as per UNI

UNI 9507 type, angled, WM 2063

Chemetron plug

Chemetron type, straight, WM 20710

Carbamed plug

Carbamed type, angled, WM 2062

Ohmeda plug

Ohmeda type, straight, WM 29131

Rectus 21 plug

Rectus 21 type, straight, WM 29151

Puritan Bennett plug

Puritan Bennett type, straight, WM 20720

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