Overview of our Spheres of Application

Various rescue services

The variety of potential uses for our devices

We supply customized mobile system solutions for emergency medicine, transport, and disaster medicine to suit your specific requirements. Our devices are used for a wide range of applications and are not restricted to a particular sector. They are used in ambulances, by emergency medical services, air rescue services, and hospitals. Military medical corps, disaster response organizations, aid agencies, and the volunteer fire service also use WEINMANN devices. 

Our product range is diverse, including ventilators, suction devices, emergency backpacks, and much more. We owe this to close collaboration with the people who use these devices every day. At the same time, lots of our employees themselves have experience of emergency medical services, so they know exactly what matters in an emergency situation. You can rely on us. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Emergency medical services
  • Ambulance fitters
  • Military medical corps
  • Air rescue services
  • Hospitals
  • Disaster response organizations, aid agencies, volunteer fire services
Rescue forces transporting a patient

Emergency medical service

The “routine” of the emergency medical services is extremely varied - no two days are the same. To cope with the wide variety of demands, you need medical devices fit for a broad range of situations. We supply precisely the emergency medical solutions you need. Our devices and solutions will enable you to keep an overview, even during busy and chaotic incidents. You can act quickly, concentrating on the most important thing as you do so: looking after your patients.


Rescuer carries medical devices

Ambulance fitters

Our extensive product range includes ventilators, defibrillators and monitoring devices, portable units, and everything you need to supply oxygen in a vehicle. These products allow you to accommodate your customers’ individual requirements perfectly. We supply precisely the ambulance equipment you need – all perfectly coordinated and in line with requirements.

Customize your ambulance fit-out – our solutions provide a wide range of options. Our products are modular, making them easy to combine. Our LIFE-BASE portable unit, in particular, is a solution that allows flexible use of medical devices: Find out more.

Military transporting soldier

Military medical corps

Our solutions are rugged and resilient. We also develop customized products for military medical corps. Medical technology in the military sphere has to work quickly and reliably in difficult conditions. Danger zones are often chaotic and put staff under severe pressure. Our products are designed to work perfectly in a variety of scenarios. Regardless of whether you are rescuing soldiers from the field of battle or administering intensive medical care during the return home - we have the right solution. 

The flexible potential applications of our medical technology make it possible to perform a smooth rescue on land, on water or in the air at any time. Medical devices range from user-friendly first-aid items for on-the-spot medical care to logistical solutions for dealing with large numbers of casualties. We also supply high-quality clinical products for medical care in emergency centers. Lots of WEINMANN Emergency products are listed with NATO. Do contact us if you would like more information. 

Paramedics in air rescue

Air rescue services

Equipment requirements for air rescue services are very different from those for ground emergency medical services. In air rescue services, the team and the equipment must not only be prepared for particularly critical cases, but also be able to deal with limited space and the specific requirements of aviation medicine. In developing our devices, we collaborated closely with air rescue services to take account of these circumstances. Our devices meet the relevant standards with regard to vibration, shock, and electromagnetic compatibility as they apply to air rescue services.

Patient ventilation with a ventilator


Our expertise extends not only to prehospital emergency care, but also to the use of our medical devices in hospitals. Our many years’ experience enable us to support you in optimizing mobile patient care. Many of our devices, such as the MEDUMAT Standard2 ventilator and the LIFE-BASE portable unit, are already in use in numerous hospitals throughout the world. You can get customized solutions from us for emergency room care, in-hospital emergencies, resuscitation, and transport within and between hospitals.

Rescue forces in action

Disaster response organizations, aid agencies, volunteer fire services

Emergency response organizations, aid agencies, and fire services face enormous challenges, especially in disaster situations and in the event of a mass casualty incident (MCI). In situations like this, medical equipment appropriate for the specific requirements when caring for mass casualties is key. It must be rugged, ready for operation immediately, and easy to operate. Our many years’ experience as a manufacturer of medical emergency devices mean we can satisfy these requirements, too.

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