MEDUMAT Standard2

The right ventilation modes in an emergency

MEDUMAT Standard² with filter and battery

Maximum safety in use

Every move has to be perfect when respiration support is involved - the pressure on emergency medical services in these situations is high. In such cases, a ventilator that is easy to operate has a great impact on the success of therapy. MEDUMAT Standard² opens up completely new prospects in modern emergency and transport ventilation.

Numerous features ensure that the intuitively-operated emergency ventilator offers maximum safety in use. Users can select different modes and options for invasive and non-invasive ventilation, which increases patient safety compared to bag mask ventilation. MEDUMAT Standard² is your reliable partner during an emergency response – for the ground emergency medical services, the air rescue service, or in the military medical corps.

Five benefits of MEDUMAT Standard²

  • Flow measurement and CO₂ measurement for improved monitoring
  • Low weight of just 2.5  kg
  • Battery runtime of up to 10 hours
  • Special modes: RSI mode for anesthesia induction and CCSV for resuscitation
  • Patients weighing 3 kg or more

These are benefits we particularly appreciate, as in a rescue helicopter session, every kilogram counts and the total weight of the equipment has a significant impact on the helicopter’s performance.

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A seated man is treated by rescuers with the MEDUMAT Standard²
Transport of a patient with MEDUMAT Standard² on the stretcher
Transport of an elderly man with use of MEDUMAT Standard²
Resuscitation in an emergency using the MEDUMAT Standard<sup>2</sup>
Älterer Mann wird mit LIFE-BASE versorgt
Ventilation by MEDUMAT Standard² in case of emergency
MEDUMAT Standard² in use

More product information


Integrated ventilation modes


Other available modes and functions

Accessories & portable units

Accessories and consumables are just as intuitive and simple as MEDUMAT Standard². Reusable breathing circuits, disposable breathing circuits, and other emergency accessories can be found here:  

Go to emergency accessories

Matching portable units 

  • LIFE-BASE light XS

Want to learn more?

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Go to our Download area for more product information such as brochures, images, videos, PC simulations, instructions for use, and certificates.

Technical details

Dimensions (W x H x D):

206 mm x 137 mm x 130 mm 


approx. 2.5 kg 

Temperature (operating conditions):

-18 °C to +50 °C 
(0 °C to +40 °C with CO₂ measurement) 

Altitude above mean sea level (operating conditions):

-500 m to 5,000 m 

Degree of protection:


Degree of protection against:   

  • Ingress of solid objects   
  • Ingress of dust   
  • Ingress of water with harmful effect
Mechanical resistance to shock and vibration:

EN 1789 
EN 794-3 
ISO 10651-3 
RTCA DO-160 
MIL-STD 810 G 

Power supply:

12 to 15 V or 100 to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz with external power supply unit and charger 

Ventilation modes (standard):


Ventilation modes (optional):

BiLevel + ASB

  • Airway pressure
  • exp. flow/volume
  • optional: Capnography 
Other functions:
  • Airway pressure, optional: exp. flow/volume 
  • Capnography 
  • etCO₂ trend 
  • Chest compression rate (with CCSV only) 

AirMix (approx. 60 %) or 100 % 

Tidal volume:

50 ml to 2,000 ml 

Ventilation rate:

5/min to 50/min 


1:4 to 4:1, 1:1 in manual CPR 


0 mbar to 30 mbar 

Other standards applied:

EN 60601-1 
EN 60601-1-2 
EN 794-3 
ISO 10651-3 
EN 13718-2 

MEDUMAT Standard² with filter and rechargeable battery

Optimal Display Layout

For a perfect view on measurements and settings

User-Friendly Navigation Knobs

Rapidly-operated navigation buttons are simple and quick to use

SD Card

For transmission of device configurations, software updates, session data and log files

Accessories Connection

For MEDUtrigger and FlowCheck sensor connection line

Connection for Measuring Tube System

For pressure and CO₂ measurement as well as PEEP management

Front Connection

For patient circuit

Hygiene Filter

Protects the device, and therefore the patient and user, against contamination from viruses and bacteria

Lithium-Ion Removable Rechargeable Battery

Practical exchangeable battery with its own status display. Operating time: up to 10 hrs (depending on the device and options), charging time (0% – 95%): 3.5 hrs.

Night mode: Read off the display perfectly in the dark

MEDUMAT Standard² in night mode

Nighttime deployments are particularly demanding for EMS field providers. As well as the physical strain, varying light conditions make work more difficult. MEDUMAT Standard²’s night mode provides support here*. The display colors are reversed, minimizing irritating dazzle. and making it easy to read off parameters even in complete darkness. 

* Available from software version 5.3. Availability dependent on regional licenses. 

Training courses and interactive training

Our training video gives you an initial impression of our ventilator. You find out how to set the different modes and options for invasive and non-invasive ventilation (NIV) on MEDUMAT Standard².  

If you’d like to get to know the functions of MEDUMAT Standard² in more detail, the easiest way is to operate the device yourself. Use our interactive simulation software to do this - you’ll be impressed by how intuitive it is to use. 

Go straight to interactive training

Simulation MEDUMAT Standard2 version 5.5

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