Mobile suction device for clear airways

ACCUVAC Pro individual parts 3D

Developed for pre-hospital use

Clearing of the airways is the first, life-saving step when faced with an airway obstruction. Only then can you effectively ventilate the patient. Our portable suction device ACCUVAC Pro quickly clears the airway. Thanks to its high suction capacity, it ensures that patients are treated quickly and effectively. You can use the handy, compact suction device inside and outside emergency medical vehicles. It is simple to use, easy to clean and efficient: 

  1. With four predefined suction levels, you can individually adjust the suction capacity. This means you can aspirate the upper and lower airways of adults, children and infants alike. 
  2. You can also use ACCUVAC Pro to deflate vacuum mattresses and vacuum splints. 
  3. Longer session times are not a problem: An efficient lithium-ion battery with a long operating time supplies the suction device with power. Users can change the battery tool-free at any time. 

Five advantages of ACCUVAC Pro

  • Four vacuum levels can be selected at the press of a button
  • Ergonomic handle, shoulder strap, crash-proof vehicle wall mounting as per EN 1789 with a charging interface
  • Easily replaceable lithium-ion battery with a battery runtime of over 60 minutes, suction capacity of approx. 34 l/min
  • Automatic function check and accessories that are easy to disassemble and disinfect
  • Rugged housing made from shockproof materials

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ACCUVAC Pro during patient transport

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Product versions

Select your preferred ACCUVAC Pro combination – designed to meet your needs: 

  • ACCUVAC Pro with disposable canister system (WM 11605) 
  • ACCUVAC Pro with disposable canister system and accessories bag (WM 11645) 
  • ACCUVAC Pro with reusable canister system*(WM 11600) 
  • ACCUVAC Pro with reusable canister system* and accessories bag (WM 11640) 

*Please note that the reusable canister system is equipped with a disposable bacteria filter.  


So that you have the necessary materials to hand during the session and to optimally store your ACCUVAC, you can get various helpful accessory items from us: 

  • Shoulder strap, protective bag with a large accessory compartment and accessories bag are very easy to attach. 
  • ACCUVAC Pro fits into the same wall mounting as all the other devices in the ACCUVAC family. The suction device can be charged in the wall mounting using the 12 V connection line. 
  • Reusable and disposable operation: The conversion kits for the reusable or disposable canister system enable the subsequent tool-free change to the other system. 
  • Consumables: Disposable filter for the reusable system, suction bag, suction hoses and fingertip control. 
  • The lithium-ion battery is available as a spare part and can also be changed tool-free. 
  • We offer holder options for equipment rails and pole mountings. 
  • The power supply unit and charger for 100 V to 240 V AC voltage is of course available from us as an accessory. 

Emergency Accessories

Download area

You can find more product information, brochures, pictures, videos, PC simulations, instructions for use and certificates in our 

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Technical details

Dimensions (W x H x D):

370 mm x 277 mm x 146 mm


approx. 4.3 kg

Temperature (operating conditions):

-5 °C to + 50 °C

Height above sea level (operating conditions):

up to 5,000 m

Degree of protection:


Degree of protection against:

  • Ingress of solid objects 
  • Ingress of dust 
  • Ingress of water with harmful effect  
Resistance to shock and vibration:

EN 1789
EN 10079-1

Power supply:

12 V to 15 V or 100 V to 240 V / 50 Hz to 60 Hz with an external power supply unit

Battery runtime (typical):

60 min

Further functions:

automatic function check

Suction capacity at the device inlet:

approx. 34 l/min

Vacuum setting:

predefined levels:

-0.1 bar 
-0.2 bar 
-0.5 bar 
-0.8 bar 

Classification as per EN ISO 10079-1:

high vacuum / high flow

Canister system volume:

1,000 ml

Other applied standards:

EN 60601-1 
EN 60601-1-11 
EN 60601-1-12 

ACCUVAC Pro individual parts 3D

Holder for Suction Tube

For ideal storage

Battery Compartment Cover

Can be opened without tools for fast and easy access to battery

Release for Wall Mounting

Single-handed release with press of button

Four Pre-defined Suction Levels

Backlit quick push-button selection, visible in poor lighting conditions

Automatic Function Check

With quick visual and acoustic feedback

Rechargeable Battery

Lithium-ion battery with long service life and rapid charging

Device Base

With Tube Guide

Secretions Canister Serres®, 1,000 ml

With disposable suction bag, integrated bacteria filter and solidifying agents. When the bag is full, ACCUVAC Pro stops automatically

Canister Holder

Impact-resistant materials increase safety for the canister systems

Instruction and interactive training

Would you like to know how to operate the ACCUVAC Pro? Or how hygienic reprocessing, battery replacement or wall mounting work? You can find out in our training video:

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