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Founded in 1874, WEINMANN has nearly 150 years of experience to offer. We are your specialist for emergency and transport ventilation, defibrillation and suction for emergency medicine, transport and disaster medicine.

Based in Hamburg and operating in more than 120 countries, we have subsidiaries in Atlanta, Dubai, Madrid, Paris-Les-Ulis, Shanghai and Singapore. We develop mobile systems for your individual requirements and set standards in saving human lives. We stand for Made in Germany.

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Our mission: saving human lives

We developed our mobile system solutions specifically for emergency medicine, transport, and disaster medicine. We use them to save lives and set new standards in the process. Our primary focus is on the development of life-saving medical devices. In order to ensure that we are always at the top of our game, we are in regular contact with professionals from emergency medical services, hospitals, and military medical corps. Ever since the company was founded in 1874, our customers have valued our reliability, experience, and “Made in Germany” quality.

MEDUMAT Standard² in use

Our medical devices: “Made in Germany” quality 

Our medical technology is designed to save lives under extreme conditions and, at the same time, to be user-friendly. We implement practical experience directly in the development of our devices to facilitate simple, intuitive operation for you during an incident - applying user-friendly concepts such as the preset patient groups for quick-start ventilation or the function check. A large proportion of our approximately 350 employees is familiar with our medical devices from both a manufacturer’s and a user’s viewpoint. This comprehensive point of view makes our company an authentic one. 

Product overview

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By users for users

The majority of our employees has experience as an EMS field provider - some of them even still work in that capacity - which gives our teams a fine-tuned feel for the requirements of emergency response. Our devices are perfectly coordinated and easily combined on different portable units. It goes without saying that our engineers see to it that devices are compact, rugged, and suitable for deployment outdoors: “Made in Germany” quality. 

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Qualified service: worldwide

The correct use of medical devices is key. At WEINMANN, we offer training courses and advice to our customers even before they purchase from us. Our sales, customer service, and technical support staff are furthermore available to you at any time, both during and after your purchase. Qualified service engineers are based all over the world and will help you in any situation. Our approach to service is based on understanding your needs and working with you to find a rapid, satisfactory solution. We want your devices to be ready for use – any time and any place. Therefore wework close to real life and as a team - for us, manufacturer support is more than just a service. The safety of users and patients is always the focus of our activities.

Service overview

WEINMANN in figures

  • 7 Sites around the world
  • 105 Our products are used in more than 100 countries
  • 60.000 WEINMANN ventilators are being used worldwide
  • 350 Employees
WEINMANN subsidiaries on a world map

Working for you all over the world 

Our medical devices are available in Germany and in over 120 other countries. We have subsidiaries in Paris-Les Ulis, Shanghai, Singapore, Atlanta, Dubai, and Madrid. We also work in close collaboration with partners in many other important markets, giving us a large network of regional contacts. We give you comprehensive support from initial advice, to order processing, and on to customer service. Our aim is not only to sell our medical devices, but to take account of local conditions and requirements and then incorporate these in our new developments. 

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Our partnerships: together we can do more

Corscience GmbH & Co. KG 

Corscience is a respected medical technology service-provider and delivers innovative solutions for mankind. The company leads in the fields of electrostimulation and monitoring, ventilation, and gas analysis, as well as in mobile health. It offers a range of complete customized solutions, from development to licensing/production and on to life cycle management. Corscience is your contact for medical devices, systems for use in hospitals, prehospital settings, and in the homecare sphere, as well as for clinical trials. Corscience provides customers with a reliable partner which delivers advice and customized products of the highest technical standard. 

Corporate Website Corscience

medDV GmbH

In the NIDA family of products, medDV delivers a versatile series of solutions aimed at designing more efficient processes and documentation in the emergency services sector. Digital system solutions support staff working in EDS, emergency medical services, and hospitals to manage their specific tasks better. The solutions are individually tailored to meet individual requirements and contribute significantly to improving and speeding up collaboration between these spheres of operation.

Corporate Website medDV

WEINMANN Community at a glance

WEINMANN Community

Our work creates added value for the company and is characterized by humanity, efficiency, and meaningfulness. We think it is important to look at people and all their talents as a whole, with the aim of encouraging and inspiring them to achieve their full potential. We strive for contented and happy employees.  

Interested? Then take a look at our current job adverts or find out about the wide range of benefits we offer. 


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