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Lifesaving technology – simple and intuitive to use

Every second counts when it comes to looking after emergency patients. Our mobile system solutions for emergency medicine, transport, and disaster medicine set standards in saving human lives. Our technology supports users in emergencies, in disaster response, in military medical corps and in hospital emergency situations. It enables you to concentrate on what really matters – looking after patients in urgent need of care. 

  • 1. The control panel has dedicated keys that always have the same function. It doesn’t matter which mode the device is in - you can always access these keys.
  • 2. To start treatment quickly, you can use the emergency mode, allowing you to treat patients as quickly as possible using preset parameters.
  • 3. Selection of gender and height helps get the right therapy started - any adjustments required can be made later.

Emergency Ventilation

Mobile ventilators for emergency response and patient transport. Whether outdoors or during transport, our range of ventilation products supports you even in extreme conditions.

Monitoring and Defibrillation

Can be combined with our ventilators. Compact monitor/defibrillator provides professional support to emergency medical services in resuscitation and patient monitoring.

Airway Suctioning

Electric and manual suction devices for emergency response. Our rugged suction devices ensure simple, effective suctioning of the oropharynx. 

Data Management

Reliable data management solutions. Efficient, high-quality documentation of session data allows you to concentrate entirely on your patients.

Portable Units

Emergency devices combined on one platform. The LIFE-BASE portable unit combines all the equipment for ventilation, monitoring, and defibrillation in one unit and can be carried in one hand.

Oxygen Supply

Equipment for supplying oxygen in emergency medicine. Complete oxygen accessories for equipping vehicles and mobile supply units.

Mobile Transport Solutions

Always have the most important things with you. Mobile cases and emergency backpacks accommodate your emergency equipment tidily and safely.

Emergency Accessories

The right accessories and consumables for every situation. Simple and intuitive, of a rugged construction, they can cope with the harshest conditions of use. 


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