Emergency Ventilation

Designed for EMS

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WEINMANN Emergency has been dedicated to developing life-saving medical devices specifically for the EMS market for nearly half a century.

We set the standard for effective and intuitive ventilation products and have an international reputation for innovation and reliability. Our team of former and active EMS professionals and engineers understands the unique needs of our customers and their patients. Our engineers place high value on ease of use and compactness when designing innovative medical equipment, especially for the stressful out-of-hospital environment.

Fields of Application

Emergency medical technology from WEINMANN Emergency is used in over 100 countries worldwide in various fields of application:

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Military Medical Corps
  • Civil Protection
  • Air Rescue
Mr. Taleb in the cockpit of a helicopter

WEINMANN is always competent and always listening.
WEINMANN products are a great combination of innovation and safety; they are easy to use.

Mumi Taleb, St. Johns Air Rescue

Airway management and ventilation are some of the most important, yet challenging situations EMS faces in the pre-hospital setting. And ventilation continues to be one of the most difficult aspects of high-performance CPR. With MEDUMAT EasyCPR, ventilation is consistent and reliable.

WEINMANN After Sales Services

Professional support you can trust

Being a trusted and valued partner for After Sales Services is our passion – building a sustainable and long lasting partnership our target.  

Would you trust an airline that does not inspect its aircraft regularly? You wouldn’t! So don’t compromise your patients’ safety by not caring for the state-of-the-art medical devices they count on. It ensures that your medical device works reliably in critical situations.  

Our WEINMANN Services meet high quality standards and incorporates the important preventive maintenance and repairs by trained and certified service technicians using our original spare parts, which have been manufactured especially for our devices in line with our specifications.

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