Fields of Application

device in use by air medical

WEINMANN medical technology is used in various fields of application.
We know the individual requirements of our users and have continuously developed our devices according to these standards.

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Military Medical Corps
  • Disaster Response
  • Air Medical
device in use by ems

Emergency Medical Services

Technology you can rely on

No two days are the same working as an EMS field provider. Your emergency medical equipment needs to meet the rigorous demands of delivering critical care at any time and in any location. In high-stress, time-sensitive emergency situations, our solutions allow you focus on what’s important: patients.

WEINMANN devices in us by military

Military Medical Corps

Medical technology for the most demanding situations

Military medical personnel around the world use our technology because it withstands the most demanding environments. We offer simple and intuitive to operate solutions ideal for diverse and sometimes chaotic deployment situations. 

devices in use by civil protection

Disaster Response

Your partner in any environment

During mass casualty incidents and disaster response, demands on search and rescue, firefighting and medical personnel are high, and resources are often scarce. Rescuers need medical technology they can count on to perform effectively and easily, allowing them to treat multiple people at once, even when faced with overwhelming numbers of patients.

device in use by air medical

Air Medical

Technology that meets the standards of air rescue services

We know first-hand the challenges faced in the air medical environment. We develop our technology in close cooperation with air medical services and design our solutions to address the critical safety needs of air medical providers.

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Do you have questions about the use of MEDUMAT EasyCPR in a specific application area or would you like advice? We look forward to your call or message.