Monitor/Defibrillator MEDUCORE Standard²
MEDUCORE Standard²

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Ventilate wherever you go

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Chest Compression Synchronized Ventilation (CCSV)

The Ventilation Mode for Use during CPR

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Working at WEINMANN Emergency

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Medical Devices for Emergency Medicine: WEINMANN Emergency

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Hand in hand with professionals

M. A. Taleb, St. John's Air Ambulance

Emergency function: Press it and the MEDUMAT Transport immediately ventilates at correct rate, correct mode and with correct volume. That’s sensational.

M. A. Taleb

St. John's Air Ambulance

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RKiSH: A. Kube

Get the best as easily as possible.

A. Kube

Emergency Services Cooperation in Schleswig-Holstein (RKiSH), Germany

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D. Rowan, St. John’s Air Ambulance

There’s the device and the certainty that it will do what it’s supposed to.

D. Rowan

St. John’s Air Ambulance

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C. Mandel, RKiSH

Communication is on an equal footing.

C. Mandel

Emergency Services Cooperation in Schleswig-Holstein (RKiSH), Germany

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M. Becker, WEINMANN Emergency

WEINMANN Emergency

I need to know how things work - it's just my motivation.

M. Becker

Sales Europe, WEINMANN Emergency

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M. Stengel, Application Specialist

WEINMANN Emergency

Knowledge transfer is an important part of the emergency medical service for me. That's also part of my job here at WEINMANN.

M. Stengel

Application Specialist, WEINMANN Emergency

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S. Kühn, WEINMANN Emergency

WEINMANN Emergency

The emergency medical services are at the center of what we do.

S. Kühn

Key Account Manager, WEINMANN Emergency

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D. Bargfrede, WEINMANN Emergency

WEINMANN Emergency

In the end, it really has to fit the customer’s needs perfectly.

D. Bargfrede

Product Manager, WEINMANN Emergency

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We simplify saving lives 

Devices for Emergency Medicine

WEINMANN Emergency has been developing life-saving devices for emergency medicine for more than 45 years. Many of our employees have been or are still involved in the emergency services. This gives our teams a good sense of the needs of users and patients. We are also in constant, close contact with professionals from the emergency medical services, hospitals, and the military medical corps.

The special requirements in the field of non-hospital and in-hospital emergency medicine are at the center of device development. First and foremost, this means that our devices are quick, easy, and intuitive to use. The fact that devices also need to be compact, sturdy, and suitable for outdoor use is a matter of course for our engineers.

WEINMANN essentially offers the complete range of emergency medical technology for emergency service vehicles, emergency helicopters, and airplanes for patient transport. The functions of the devices are perfectly compatible with one another and they can be used with portable units in almost any combination. The result is portable units that are specially tailored to the respective application.

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