Hands free en route to the site of the emergency

RESCUE PACK Plus - opened

A resilient and reliable partner in all situations 

In emergency situations on rough terrain, the deployed personnel need to keep their hands free. To make things easier, we have developed our RESCUE-PACK Plus emergency backpack. The advantage is obvious: You can combine the organization of the ULM CASE with the flexibility of a backpack. You have the ideal equipment with you in your backpack without having to carry anything in your hands, meaning you are particularly well equipped for emergency calls. 

Five advantages of RESCUE-PACK Plus

  • Hands free for extra safety
  • Protected against splashing water
  • Highly visible with reflecting strips
  • Made of high quality and rugged material
  • Smart arrangement system with optional accessories bags

The main thing I like about RESCUE-PACK Plus is how the holder is integrated into the backpack. It's really cool that it's so easy to fasten the device in the holder and that it's also very stable.

Moritz Baumann Project Manager
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RESCUE-PACK Plus – More than just a backpack

RESCUE PACK Plus  - closed in standing position

Do you want to transport your emergency equipment comfortably and operate it intuitively? Then the RESCUE-PACK Plus is your perfect partner. The emergency equipment is neatly stowed away and the accessories for oxygen therapy are readily available, while keeping both your hands free so you can tackle even difficult terrain. You can easily see the required device through the window and easily operate it from the backpack. You only need to open up the emergency case if the incident becomes labor-intensive. The devices stowed in the backpack are always ready for use thanks to the integrated charging interface*. 

* for MEDUMAT Standard², MEDUVENT Standard and MEDUCORE Standard² 

Two RESCUE -PACK Plus next to each other: one opened and one closed

Extra labeling feature

A slide-in compartment in the transparent window allows the insertion of individual markings and labels. The RFID/NFC card in the integrated allows a connection between device and documentation system

Extra storage space feature

RESCUE-PACK Plus also stands out from other emergency backpacks in terms of its intelligent concept for storage space and compartments. Special accessories bags that fit in perfectly next to the device and the oxygen cylinder allow you to take along the right accessories as well as the required device.

Extra hygiene feature

In order to guarantee a clean environment for ventilators and other components, RESCUE-PACK Plus is composed of coated materials that can be reprocessed perfectly. This, in combination with a reduced number of seams and hook-and-loop surfaces, makes the backpack very convenient to clean.

Extra quality feature

The PU-coated fabric makes RESCUE-PACK Plus particularly resistant to wear, easy to wipe down and weatherproof. The accessories bags can be attached in the backpack quickly and securely by means of magnets while the zippers make for quick access.

Extra flexibility feature

RESCUE-PACK Plus is designed for difficult terrain. The anchor point on top allows the backpack to be transported to areas with poor access. To facilitate handling when transporting the backpack on hospital beds, the backpack can be attached to cross-braces or equipment rails using tensioned belts equipped with magnetic closures. This allows the transported device to remain in RESCUE-PACK Plus while ensuring a reliable connection to patients.

Extra device management feature

In order to ensure that devices stowed in the backpack are consistently ready for use, RESCUE-PACK Plus has an integrated charging interface for MEDUMAT Standard² , MEDUVENT Standard and MEDUCORE Standard². Simply connect, and a fully charged device is available for the next use.

Extra safety feature

The safety of emergency responders is our top priority, which is why five sides of RESCUE-PACK Plus are equipped with highly reflective strips based on the standards for high-visibility safety clothing. Our WEINMANN logo and the name also provide additional eye-catching warning markings with a large surface area.

Extra ergonomics feature

To optimize comfort when carrying RESCUE-PACK Plus, it has improved operating ergonomics and supplementary operating options. The device in operation can always be seen through the transparent window and all alarms are easy to hear, even with the flap closed. In cramped situations, just a few maneuvers are required to remove devices at any time.

Product information

Technical data RESCUE-PACK Plus

Outside dimensions (W x H x D):

390 mm x 565 mm x 260 mm

Empty backpack:

approx. 3 kg

Accessories bags:

each approx. 0.35  kg

Holder to fasten the LIFE-BASE light XS:

approx. 1.3  kg

Holder to fasten the LIFE-BASE 1 NG XS:

approx. 1.1  kg

Charging interface port and cable:

approx. 0.2 kg


-25 °C to +60 °C


 -20 °C to +50 °C


0% to 95 % RH, without condensation

RESCUE-PACK Plus accessories

Thanks to its design and the secure integration of the LIFE-BASE 1 NG XS or LIFE-BASE light XS, the RESCUE-PACK Plus supports intuitive operation. Configure the accessories bags, charging interface and device holder for the best possible workflow in an emergency situation. For MEDUVENT Standard, we also recommend our FAST I+ pressure reducer in the RESCUE-PACK Plus. For MEDUMAT Standard² we recommend:

  • FAST I pressure reducer
  • Low-pressure hose LPH on the device
  • Low-pressure hose LPH on the pressure reducer

You can find other accessories and consumables in our supply catalog.

To emergency accessories

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