Emergency Cases

Standard products in emergency medical services

Three ULM CASES I-III - closed and in standing position

For organized emergency equipment that is safely accommodated

Always adapted to the current state of the art and the latest research in emergency medicine, the emergency case is today still one of the most important transport containers. At WEINMANN Emergency, you can choose between ULM CASES and special cases: 

  • We developed the ULM CASE over 40 years ago in collaboration with the emergency center at the German National Military Hospital and the Center of Anesthesiology at the University of Ulm. The interior of the case is spacious with a rugged construction - perfect for use in emergency response. 
  • Special cases are designed for specific incidents. The handy cases deliver versatile options with flexible internal sections that can be arranged to suit your needs. 

Five benefits of emergency cases

  • Robust and durable aluminum case
  • Adjustable compartments thanks to SpaceChips and special inserts
  • Individual customizable ampoule strips
  • Secure transport with tension belts and wall mounting
  • Practical transport of materials to the emergency site

ULM CASES are rugged and most importantly, easy to use in emergency response because they are so clearly arranged.

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Customer service

If you are interested in learning more about ULM CASES or special cases, then contact us directly.

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Opened emergency case lying next to two rescuers caring for patient
ULM CASE I - opened
ULM CASE I - the emergency case for standard use
ULM CASE II - opened
ULM CASE II- the emergency case for flexible configuration
ULM CASE III - opened
ULM CASE III - fully-equipped emergency case
ULM CASE small - opened
ULM CASE small - special case for a specific application
PARAMEDIC BOX - handy case with individual compartments


All of our emergency cases can also be provided fully equipped. You can choose between the basic equipment needed to provide first aid for emergency patients at the emergency site or the “Light” emergency equipment depending on the intended use and space available.

  • ULM CASE I - the emergency case for standard use: Its slim design makes this the flattest design of emergency case. 
  • ULM CASE II - the emergency case for flexible configuration: As the medium-sized emergency case, the variable arrangement of compartments in the top and bottom of ULM CASE II provides plenty of space.  
  • ULM CASE III - fully-equipped emergency case: The largest of our emergency cases has a third fold-out section to provide even more storage space - enough for the materials and equipment you need.  
  • ULM CASE small - special case for a specific application: Particularly handy and ideal as an emergency case for babies or as a dressings case.  
  • PARAMEDIC BOX - handy case with individual compartments: Works particularly well as an emergency case for physicians’ surgeries, companies or public buildings. The adjustable inner separators allow compartments to be configured flexibly. 
  • ULM CASE Circulation - specially developed for circulation equipment: Swiveling insert provides the greatest amount of space. The swiveling and simultaneously removable insert provides a high level of flexibility for your equipment. 

More product information

Technical details

Outside dimensions (W x H x D in mm):

ULM CASE I: 526 x 400 x 170 
ULM CASE II: 526 x 400 x 200 
ULM CASE III: 526 x 400 x 230 
ULM CASE small: 428 x 332 x 185 
PARAMEDIC BOX: 428 x 332 x 185 
ULM CASE Circulation: 526 x 400 x 170 

Weight (empty):

ULM CASE I: 6.5 kg 
ULM CASE II: 6.7 kg 
ULM CASE III: 8.3 kg 
ULM CASE small: 4.5 kg
ULM CASE Circulation: 7.0 kg

Volume in liters:

ULM CASE I: approx. 25
ULM CASE II: approx. 29
ULM CASE III: approx. 34
ULM CASE small: approx. 17
PARAMEDIC BOX: approx. 17
ULM CASE Circulation: approx. 25

Standard spaces for ampoules:

ULM CASE II: not included
ULM CASE small: 21
PARAMEDIC BOX: 7 to 28 (available as an accessory) 
ULM CASE Circulation: 48

Maximum number of spaces for ampoules incl. optional extra spaces for ampoules:

ULM CASE small: 56
ULM CASE Circulation: 55

Standards used:



The Light equipment variant provides you with a comprehensive set of accessories that you can position neatly and clearly in the ULM CASE. The scope of supply includes the following parts: 

  • Oxygen cylinder*, empty, 0.8 l or 2 l, incl. tension belts 
  • OXYWAY Fine I 
  • Inhalation mask for adults 
  • COMBIBAG Bag-Valve Mask
  • 4 different Rendell-Baker ventilation masks 
  • Manual suction device 
  • 6 oropharyngeal tubes 
  • 1 nasopharyngeal tube of each type 
  • Various case labels 

* for MEDUMAT Standard², MEDUVENT Standard and MEDUCORE Standard²

For other accessories and consumables, see the catalog for our scope of supply.

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