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06/10/2021 Products


Airway secretions, blood or foreign bodies (such as constituents of food) can trigger breathing problems in humans - or even lead to respiratory arrest. In these situations, EMS field providers need access to a suction device to clear the airways. 

A reliable suction device not only ensures that patients survive; it also allows emergency medical services to perform effective, vital ventilation. In the last part of our series “Let’s hear from our devices”, WEINMANN’s ACCUVAC suction device explains to us why it is particularly suitable for emergencies.


Hello ACCUVAC! You call yourself a suction device for emergency medical services. What makes you suitable for this sphere of operation in particular?

On the one hand, I have a rugged, shockproof housing which means I can withstand quite a lot and I am also attached to the rescue vehicle in a crashproof wall mount to stop anything happening to me. On the other hand, I’m quickly ready to go in an emergency. EMS staff can remove me from the wall mount in just one step. I also have an ergonomic handle, making it easy for my colleagues to take me to the emergency site. My extended battery runtime means that I can even cope with relatively long session times.


You are available in two versions: ACCUVAC Pro and ACCUVAC Lite. What is the difference between them?

The controls are different. On ACCUVAC Pro, EMS staff can press a button to make a quick selection from four vacuum levels. The control panel uses an LED display to show the vacuum level reached and I can maintain that level automatically. On ACCUVAC Lite, on the other hand, the vacuum can be set infinitely using a large knob. The vacuum can then be read off on a pressure gauge.


An important issue for medical technology devices is cleaning and disinfecting. What does hygienic reprocessing look like for you?

EMS staff can remove the base of the device, the holder for the suction tube and the holder for the secretion canister for hygienic reprocessing without using tools. The parts of the reusable canister are likewise easily removed and can also be disinfected by immersion. In this process, the parts are completely immersed in disinfectant, meaning that cleaning and disinfecting is fairly simple and both my colleagues and patients are always protected.


Do you have an advantage over other suction devices?

I would say that I am the whole package. Emergency medical services have to be able to rely on their equipment in an emergency response, and that is only possible if the equipment satisfies certain conditions. I am rugged, mobile, have a long battery runtime and high suction performance - all of which enable me to support my human colleagues reliably during a session. Another practical feature is that I am licensed for evacuating vacuum mattresses and splints. This creates a rigid transport sheath, guaranteeing safe patient transport. Patients are immobilized and protected from further injuries.


To finish, we’d like to hear from you why you’re indispensable to the emergency medical services.

I am a reliable companion when saving lives is involved. When developing me, WEINMANN Emergency took account of the requirements of users in pre-hospital settings: Simple to operate, rugged and yet easy to transport and clean. I meet these requirements. I make suction of the mouth and throat cavity extremely simple and effective, thus helping provide patients’ airways with sufficient oxygen.

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