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22/09/2021 Products

Meduvent Standard comic

Last week our MEDUMAT Standard² ventilator explained in an interview how it helps the emergency medical services with CPR and why Chest Compression Synchronized Ventilation (CCSV) is one of its favorite functions. 

It’s however not the only ventilator we have on the market. In the event of an emergency response, EMS also like using the MEDUVENT Standard, as it’s one of the smallest and lightest ventilators in its class. In this interview you can learn in what sessions it is especially helpful and why it gets on so well with the MEDUCORE Standard².

Meduvent Standard comic

Hi MEDUVENT Standard! You are one of the smallest turbine-driven ventilators in the world. How does that feel?

It naturally feels great, as I can often help with challenging emergencies as on military operations and also with air and sea rescue. I weigh only 2 kg with a device volume of 3.5 liters! That is of course an advantage for all rescue personnel, as with emergency responses it’s important to have lightweight, space-saving equipment by their side. This lets the emergency medical services work effectively and concentrate on saving patients.

Meduvent Standard comic

What challenging emergency situations have you experienced to date?

All kinds of response scenarios! I helped rescue soldiers in the field, providing them with medical care when being returned to their home country, and I was also once put into service with a mass casualty incident. During the corona crisis I additionally offered backup with my logistical benefits in many regions of the world. Under such special response conditions, it’s important for a ventilator to be rugged, immediately ready for use and simple to operate. I can luckily offer all that.

Meduvent Standard comic

And how do you manage to look after patients with long transport times? You no doubt don’t have always have a power supply, do you?

That’s right. But when I’m part of the team, the emergency medical services don’t need to worry about that. I’m turbine-driven, you know. That means I can also maintain ventilation without an external gas supply. With an adult patient I can for example run for a good 8 hours on a single battery charge. And if I am to supply patients with additional oxygen, that’s possible too. The universally compatible oxygen inlet tube lets me supply extra oxygen at any time. This allows inspiratory oxygen concentrations of 21 % to 100 % to be achieved. And the best thing about this is that no additional oxygen need be wasted here for my operation!

Meduvent Standard comic

Is the ventilation you provide more often invasive or non-invasive?

I can’t say precisely. Both come about. But I’ve noticed that in recent years above all non-invasive ventilation has become more important in prehospital emergency care. This helps patients use more of their lung capacity, and that reduces breathing effort. Non-invasive can help avoid intubation. In a nutshell: disease progression is then better in most cases.

Meduvent Standard comic

And is there a function you’re especially proud of?

I like being able to make mask ventilation easier with MEDUtrigger during CPR. In certain situations it is necessary to initiate the mechanical breaths individually, for example with resuscitation and anesthesia induction. With MEDUtrigger this is also possible when using machine ventilation. It is directly attached to the mask so the user can seal the mask with both hands while administering mechanical breaths with the thumb at the same time.

Meduvent Standard comic

And what don’t you like doing so much?

I love my work – after all, I’m helping to save people’s lives every day! What I enjoy less is undergoing the two-yearly Technical Safety Check (“Sicherheitstechnische Kontrolle” in accordance with § 11 of the German regulation MPBetreibV). I’m a bit afraid of exams. However, at the same time I know how important it is to test ventilators. Ultimately, improper machine ventilation can harm patients or, in the worst-case scenario, bring about their death. This is why I face up to my fear of exams so as to be certain that I offer precise ventilation.

Meduvent Standard comic

We’re curious to know about that. To finish, we’d like to hear from you why you’re indispensable to the emergency medical services.

I was specially designed for emergency response situations and have been tested for use in EMS vehicles according to all relevant standards. The emergency medical services can utilize me under difficult conditions. I withstand shock and vibrations and can also cope with poor weather or dust. With me EMS providers needn’t bother about technology and are free to concentrate fully on their patients.

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