Flow Measurement

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Flow measurement is an important part of ventilation treatment. The flow measurement is particularly important during continuous ventilation and CPAP therapy. To ensure that you have everything you need for these procedures, our MEDUMAT Standard² and MEDUMAT Transport ventilators feature this function using a variety of methods. Discover more about the flow measurement function here.

Advantages of flow measurement

  • More precise ventilation monitoring
  • Pressure support ASB in the CPAP and SIMV modes
  • Clear monitoring with display of pressure curve and flow curve

Flow measurement is possible with

Innovative flow measurement technology for MEDUMAT Standard²

Flow Measurement

A unique chip technology is being used in MEDUMAT Standard² for the first time to measure expiratory volume. The advantages of this technology are:

  • Very precise volume measurement
  • A sturdy design
  • The low dead space of just 9 ml makes the sensor suitable for both children and adults

You can decide whether you want to perform flow measurements using the disposable or reusable version. The reusable version of the FlowCheck sensor allows you to perform at least 50 treatments. The sensor easily withstands challenging operating conditions as well as hygienic reprocessing. 

Are you wondering how the WEINMANN FlowCheck sensor is so durable?
Unlike standard flow measurement technologies, the FlowCheck sensor from WEINMANN uses two temperature sensors instead of the conventional heat wire method. This means there is no need for delicate wires and resistance against external influences is increased.

You can use the FlowCheck sensor to record the expiratory volume and to monitor the respiratory rate. In the CPAP and SIMV modes, the flow measurement can also be used to set a pressure support. The values can also be presented in a flow curve and pressure curve display. 

Flow measurement with MEDUMAT Transport

Flow sensor for flow measurement

It isn’t just MEDUMAT Standard² that features the benefits of flow measurement. MEDUMAT Transport ventilator also has flow measurement as an integral component to monitor the expiratory volume.

Unlike MEDUMAT Standard², MEDUMAT Transport uses the conventional heat wire transmit time method in a BiCheck flow sensor. It is also flexible to use – you can choose between disposable and reusable BiCheck flow sensors.

The BiCheck flow sensor is directly attached to the ventilation hose so it can measure the expiratory volume of the exhaled air. An electrical connecting cable is used to transmit the measurement signals of the BiCheck flow sensor to MEDUMAT Transport. This is how the sensor delivers monitoring data on MVe, Vte, and f.