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28/02/2022 Employees

Male Product Manager at Weinmann Emergency

Who doesn’t dream of turning their hobby into a career? For Dustin, this wish came true in 2013. The well-studied wholesaling and exports salesman is also a trained paramedic – a role in which he was constantly handling medical devices. He made the decision to work in this industry in 2013 when he joined WEINMANN Emergency in a customer service role. 

His enthusiasm for the products and applications grew from year to year, which lead him to switch internally to Product Management in 2017. He is now mainly involved in the development of new products. Here, he supervises the development team and answers questions relating to requirements: What must the device be able to do? What must the device do in which situation? He considers himself as an intermediary between the people who use the device and the people who develop it. “I am the mouthpiece in between.”

More than just a job

Dustin primarily establishes these requirements through personal exchange. For one thing, he speaks with users and draws on the wealth of experience of his colleagues. However, his experience in the emergency medical services also helps him to discern the needs of his customers. “I am on the same wavelength as the users of our products and can easily put myself in their position.” The situation is similar with his colleagues: “It is as if we all had the same hobby, which gives us common ground,” says Dustin. He gets a real sense of enjoyment and respect in his dealings with colleagues. For Dustin, his work is more than just a job. “I like to be able to identify with the subject areas, services and products,” he explains. “That is what is great about WEINMANN Emergency. Here, I have turned one of my hobbies into a career, so to speak.”

Close communication with customers is important

What he appreciates most is the continuous development of products and the associated challenges. In this job it is highly important to show individual responsibility, think for oneself and be willing to educate oneself further. “Our products are very specific and complex, and require in-depth consulting. As a result, willingness to interact closely with the customer is important.” It is never about following a specific formula. There is always a need to understand the problems and find the right solutions. The most important thing is: “In the end, it really has to fit the customer’s needs perfectly.” For this reason, alongside his work at WEINMANN Emergency, Dustin finds it important to continue riding on the emergency response vehicle. He therefore still volunteers for two to three shifts a month today.

Pride in his employer

Dustin has particularly happy memories of the launch of the MEDUCORE Standard². “It was the first medical device that I was involved in from start to finish. It is now on the market with full functionality – that is a great feeling.” In his work, it is important to Dustin that he not only has a theoretical grasp on the products, but also understands and uses them in practice. “I am truly proud that we are market leaders in many segments. Whenever I see an emergency response vehicle I always find it cool when our products are on-board.”

Five quick facts about Dustin

  • In my job, it is above all necessary to communicate and mediate.
  • My day-to-day work is characterized by a lot of different tasks, often with new challenges.
  • My colleagues say that we can be proud of the products that we develop and produce together. I can relate to that.
  • For me, WEINMANN Emergency is the ideal place to combine my professional and private interests.
  • At the weekend I do my voluntary work, go to concerts, or make music myself.
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