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28/02/2022 Employees

Male product manager at Weinmann Emergency

Rather stay safe and dry on land or dare to dive in at the deep end? What would you choose to do? For Samir, Head of Product Management for Ventilation, the answer is clear: sometimes you simply have to be courageous, even if it takes a lot of effort. 

For this reason, he repeatedly dives in at the deep end in search of new ideas and finds creative solutions for product management. Or sometimes fascinating wrecks concealed on the seabed…

Passion for the world of flashing blue lights

Samir got his start at WEINMANN Emergency 16 years ago during his practical semester. After completing his studies, Samir left Hamburg for two years to work in Switzerland. However, as a child of the North, the desire to return was great. When our CEO André Schulte called to offer him a job, Samir was immediately ready and willing: “I was not only delighted about the fact that I could return to Hamburg, but also the opportunity to work for WEINMANN Emergency again and thus for the world of flashing blue lights. As a former paramedic, this is an area that is especially close to my heart.” Initially, Samir was heavily involved in the market launch of the MEDUMAT Transport ventilator. However, he also initiated and supervised the development of the MEDUMAT Standard² from beginning to end until he was eventually able to transfer product responsibility to his colleague Vanessa in order to concentrate on his next project.

Saving lives with medical technology

The fact that Samir has now been Product Manager at WEINMANN Emergency for so long is primarily down to the people in his work environment. At the same time, he repeatedly has the opportunity to develop himself personally as well as the products. The thing that he especially likes about his work is collaborating with all possible departments or stakeholders: from users via the Development department and management to Marketing and Sales. “We have our tentacles virtually everywhere and work hand in hand with every department,” says Samir. In the process, it is important to constantly keep an open ear, listen to your counterpart, and find the right balance between independent and collective work. “Nobody succeeds on their own,” adds Samir. “Only such good cooperation enables us to develop products that save lives.”

Male product manager at Weinmann Emergency

“Not a single day passes where we do not laugh together”

Samir has been Team Leader for the Ventilation department since 2013. “The great thing is that we were virtually all users ourselves once and therefore have a great understanding of our customers. This makes it easy for us to develop the right functions.” For example, he co-developed the CPR and RSI modes, which enable users to benefit from the advantages of a ventilator in resuscitation scenarios or during anesthesia induction. As a product manager with heart and soul, it is not only important to Samir to occupy the role of team leader but to also be a part of the team himself: “Everyone has their own area of responsibility and we work together on an equal footing. Not a single day passes where we do not laugh together.” One highlight that Samir fondly remembers is the Megamarsch, which he ran with a couple of colleagues: 50 kilometers in less than 12 hours.

Simply immerse yourself in another world

Besides his family and work, Samir has another great passion: diving. Whether alone or together with his colleague Steffen, as often as possible he visits the wrecks in the North Sea or Baltic Sea, where he can descend into the water and leave everything behind for a while: “Beneath the surface you can forget about everyday life and completely surrender yourself to the underwater world,” raves Samir.

Five quick facts about Samir

  • In my job, it is above all necessary to be able to take in numerous perspectives.
  • My day-to-day work is characterized by versatility and the courage to venture into the unknown.
  • My colleagues say that I am “the boss”: easy-going, motivated, dedicated.
  • For me, WEINMANN Emergency is a place where I have an impact on the future.
  • At the weekend I hope for calm wind and waves so I can go to the wrecks.
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