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15/03/2022 Employees

Männlicher Produkt Manager bei Weinmann Emergency

“I am like a juggler who has to twirl various objects in the air and catch them,” states Steffen, describing his job. Of course, he is not a juggler, but he does have to handle several things at once from time to time. Not balls or the like though, but the different requirements and priorities related to his products. 

Steffen is our Head of Product Management for Digital Services and is primarily responsible for the strategic development of the digital product portfolio: from requirements analysis via sales support to marketing. Always with an eye on: current trends in the industry. Always with the aim of: anchoring products and solutions to the WEINMANN Emergency portfolio roadmap.

Integrating digitalization into medical technology

The topic of digitalization plays a major role at WEINMANN Emergency – especially in the area of data management. Steffen is an expert in this field. He already has more than 20 years of experience in the area of digitalization and medical technology. Before joining WEINMANN Emergency he was responsible for documentation systems in the acute medical areas of a hospital. Nowadays, he deals with solutions for the emergency medical services. “What is challenging about my job is that customer requirements change rapidly. To keep up, we use agile approaches in our team. In this way, changes made at short notice are not a problem and we can work in a customer and benefit-oriented manner,” explains Steffen. Just as important is good cooperation within the company. After all, as Product Manager, he must reconcile all the interests and requirements of the different departments and unite them within the product.

Small successes are also highlights

“This distributed teamwork will also become increasingly important in future as there are so many specialists who you have to interact with. You cannot be everywhere, involved in every detail, and go in-depth into everything. A good exchange is simply essential,” says Steffen with certainty. His focus is currently on the continuous improvement of the MEDICALPAD, during which Steffen continually experiences small highlights: “Every completed project gives you a good feeling. From the first brochure via the first service training to the first event. Since we are always doing several things for the first time, it is, of course, a wonderful feeling when everything goes according to plan – and it never gets boring.” At the same time, however, Steffen also knows the feeling when something does not go quite as he had imagined. Ultimately, the sun can't shine all the time. “But the great thing about the work culture at WEINMANN Emergency is that everybody always sticks together. I have never before experienced such a pleasant corporate culture in my entire career. You can sense that it is very important to the management that employees feel comfortable.”

A quick tip: Do you love the sea? Steffen is an avid underwater photographer! Check out his great photos on his website.

Five quick facts about Steffen

  • In my job, it is above all necessary to be patient and to communicate a lot.
  • My day-to-day work is characterized by a lack of routine.
  • My colleagues say that I am appreciative and a creative thinker.
  • For me, WEINMANN Emergency is a fantastic team with meaningful challenges.
  • At the weekend I like to dive.
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