There’s the Device and the Certainty That It Will Do What It’s Supposed to | D. Rowan

10/06/2022 Customers

Crew member of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service on an airbase

Daniel Rowan is a trained electrical fitter. “It wasn't for me”, he says now. He found his calling when he ended up with the emergency services during his national service. When he got a look at medicine, he realized: “that's what I want to do”, and stuck with it. He trained as an emergency assistant. His boss then signed him up to train as a HEMS* crew member, or “HEMS” for short. For him, the flying component was something quite new, which he really loves.

What motivates Daniel Rowan is the high level at which he can work with the air ambulance. “The medical measures we take are well above the average, and then you have the flying as well.”

During the flight, Daniel Rowan supports the pilot and then on the ground, he supports the emergency doctor with primary care or, in the case of secondary call-outs, with patient transport. He says himself that medical aspects are the most important. “Our aim is to provide the patient with the most satisfactory medical care we can.” The WEINMANN MEDUMAT Transport is used especially when moving intensive care patients.

Our aim is to provide the patient with the most satisfactory medical care we can.

D. RowanSt. John's Air Ambulance (Johanniter Luftrettung)
Crew member of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

But Daniel Rowan is also familiar with the MEDUMAT Standard from his duties on a normal ambulance. “I have to say, I have very good experience with both of them. Here on the air ambulance, of course, the devices are used more constantly.” This is due simply to their frequent transporting of intensive care patients. Daniel Rowan says that in the end, this is of course a medical measure. But the team discuss what to do, for example if ventilation parameters need adapting for physiological reasons resulting from flying: “We are moving at altitude, after all.”

Daniel Rowan thinks the WEINMANN Emergency devices are clearly structured. He likes the graphical nature of the control panel. “You have a good, clear overview which shows you what you need to know. The menu guidance is simple, too.”

He also considers emergency ventilation with the various default parameters a good solution. “You can then take your time to make modifications.” He thinks the whole package simply works. Just like his job.

*Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

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