MEDUMAT Transport Is a Convincing Product | M. Taleb

11/10/2021 Customers

Emergency doctor on airbase of Johanniter Gießen

Mr Taleb is very enthusiastic about the close collaboration with WEINMANN Emergency. Almost all patients transported by the Gießen Air Ambulance are ventilated, so the MEDUMAT Transport is used frequently and there is a correspondingly high level of mutual support.

He gives an example: “In a helicopter, every gram of weight matters. A steel oxygen bottle weighs ten kilos, whilst a bottle made of carbon weighs just two hundred grams. These are high-pressure bottles and gas delivery needs to be regulated. We connect the valves to the MEDUMAT Transport using an adapter. WEINMANN Emergency developed that adapter for us, making the system work perfectly.”

The emergency doctor finds the MEDUMAT Transport a convincing product. It is perfect for use in both the spheres in which the Gießen Air Ambulance operates, namely emergency ventilation and intensive care ventilation. He thinks it is ideal to have both available together in one device which is also compact. “Our work places very stringent demands on us, so if high-level therapy can be continued seamlessly while an intensive care patient is being transported, that’s fantastic. It fulfills our mission statement.”

Emergency function: press it and the MEDUMAT Transport immediately ventilates at the correct rate, in the correct mode and with the correct volume. That’s just sensational.

M. TalebSt. John's Air Ambulance (Johanniter Luftrettung)
Emergency doctor on board of a helicopter

At the same time, he appreciates the support of WEINMANN Emergency staff. “Some of them come from among us”, he says, “and we can always just ring up if we need anything. And then the meticulous approach taken by all the departments working with us on solving problems is absolutely exemplary. It really is “Made in Germany”.”

Another example Mr Taleb gives for the close cooperation existing in the development sphere, as well, starts with use of the MEDUMAT Transport on a highly infectious patient. “The device was not actually approved for that use”, he says, “but it saved a life.” In collaboration with WEINMANN Emergency, they took the opportunity of analyzing the “sacrificed” device. We’ll take a look at that, said WEINMANN Emergency, and developed the appropriate filter to prevent the penetration of germs; all the air ambulance devices are now equipped with it.

It’s quite simply replaced in the course of normal servicing. “That was another innovation where we said: “Wow, amazing!”, Mr Taleb is pleased to report.

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