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30/05/2022 Customers

Paramedic in front of an ambulance car

Andreas Kube practically inherited his career in emergency medical services (EMS). His mother worked as a midwife until she retired and his father worked in an emergency medical service. 

For 23 years Kube also worked in this field and developed an affinity for the products. It was only logical that he switched to the area "medical devices" in 2012. Since then he has been responsible at RKiSH for procurement, maintenance and service. These topics converge in his position.

It is absolutely essential in EMS to have reliably functioning devices that are always ready for use. RKiSH owns nearly 100 MEDUMAT Transport from WEINMANN Emergency, 92 of which are in continuous use in ambulances.

Paramedic standing in front of the Weinmann Mobile Service car

Kube says that more than anything, reliable, fast and flexible service is very important. The planning of service checks, for example, is not always easy in ongoing operations, but with WEINMANN Emergency, the entire process is precise and trouble-free. "Very flexible and totally friendly, no matter who takes your call." He also values personal communication with his long-term contacts and appreciates the fact that many employees at WEINMANN Emergency have experience working in emergency medical services.

"We have eye-to-eye communication," he emphasizes. That applies to employees in Customer Service and After Sales Service who know what it means to equip an ambulance and the people in product development. "They have to know, for example, that we have some very serious shaking in the vehicle. So everything has to be very solid." Kube says this applies also to the handling of the devices: "Make it as simple as possible to have the best."

Very flexible and totally friendly, no matter who takes your call.

A. KubeRKiSH
Paramedic in ambulance car

With the devices from WEINMANN Emergency he can tell that people in product development call on their practical experience. On top of that, the cooperation with WEINMANN Emergency is "give and take – true teamwork."People from WEINMANN Emergency can regularly be found in the RKiSH ambulances, where they can see how everything runs.

Thanks to his long-term relationships and his expertise, Kube can share the demands he has on the devices with product development. "We have backpacks for complete airway management," he explains, "and needed a hose to the device. WEINMANN simply said, ’Sure, we‘ll develop it,‘ and asked ’how long should it be?‘ Now we have an extra hose with the right connector for every device. Connect, click, and you‘re done." The basic configuration for MEDUMAT Transport in use by RKiSH was developed with the organization‘s medical director, pre-programmed and installed on all devices.

Reliability and intutitve operation are high on Kube‘s list of requirements. "MEDUMAT Transport has two operating settings: ’OFF‘ and ’Standby’. When the device is set to ’Standby’, you get air in the patient within ten seconds. You cannot get lost in the menu. It has a large, clear display. Someone who knew what he was doing was at work there." The highest compliment that occurred to Kube spontaneously came from an emergency doctor. "He told me he didn‘t know anything about MEDUMAT Transport when he responded to an emergency, but found the device was as easy to use as an iPhone."

All things considered, Kube summarizes that everything is just right at WEINMANN Emergency – the devices and the service. "In purchasing, the technical department or service," says Kube, "no matter where you look: It‘s a great way to work!"

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