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10/10/2021 Customers

Mr. Mandel from RKiSH

"As a paramedic, I don‘t have to know how the micro-computer in a ventilator works. That‘s all the same to me. But I do have to know how to switch on the device and how to get the air my patient needs to come out the front,"That‘s the way Christian Mandel of RKiSH matter-of-factly sums up his basic requirements for a ventilator. 

The experienced paramedic, who has been working in emergency medical services since 1993, is an emotional guy. He sees his field as "the most highly technical variant in the medical industry" although the human aspect still plays large role. For him the most important things are "looking at the patient, touching him, using all five senses, and good common sense."

Mr. Mandel from RKiSH

He nevertheless considers technical support extremely important and indispensable. Simple, solid technology like that used in ACCUVAC the suction pump from WEINMANN Emergency and the high-end device MEDUMAT Transport. The latter features intuitive operation and highly-specialized intensive care ventilation modes. 

"That‘s where training comes in," says Mandel. By choosing ’Emergency Adult‘, I am simply sure to a very high percentage that this mode suits nearly all patients. To call up special ventilation patterns, you need training. I don‘t always need those modes, but the machine can provide them. And that is important."

"When MEDUMAT Transport was introduced three years ago, we enjoyed – and I choose that word intentionally – special training. It was very intense."

Besides the devices‘ reliable functioning and intuitive use, Mandel values eye-to-eye communication with the people at WEINMANN Emergency. He also appreciates that many WEINMANN employees have years of experience in emergency medical services. "They know exactly what I mean when I describe a problem." In Mandel‘s case, a former RKiSH colleague now works at WEINMANN. "I have direct contact and use it too," he says. In the end, according to Mandel, good, classic and truly practical devices are produced which everyone can use effectively.

But finally, he adds, everything revolves around the patient and that‘s where personal interaction counts.

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