The Briefing and Training on the Devices Were Top Quality | H. Sander

07/10/2021 Customers

H. Sander from RKISH during a presentation

Henning Sander, deputy director of the RKiSH Academy, is responsible for training and continuing education of the more than 730 paramedics on staff. The academy works with a three-pillar model. 

The first pillar is the three-year training period for paramedics and the second is further vocational training that every emergency medical services employee is legally required to complete. The third pillar is simulation. In its long-term planning the academy develops specific topics for training sessions, but also leaves room to respond short-term to training needs based on employee surveys and feedback.

The decision for the use of MEDUMAT Transport was made - among other things – on the aspect of NIV: Non Invasive Ventilation. The device can be used during transport of patients with pulmonary edema or COPD. "The briefing and training on the device were top quality," says Sander. "Now the idea is to ground these special usage cases in practice."

"These disease symptoms do not occur very often in our daily work," he says. So it is not easy to establish a routine through regular use of the complex functions. "The goal is for the user to grasp the instructions so firmly that he can call them up in stressful situations."

WEINMANN is the only company that signed up for advanced training with us in order to keep employees up to date.

H. SanderRKiSH
H. Sander from RKISH

Some employees regularly spend a lot of time with the devices, work with them intensely and get to know their functions in detail so they can use them with confidence, Sander explains. "And others simply do not. We want to close the gap."

The challenge lies in giving everyone confidence in handling the device. Sander is banking on close collaboration with product specialists from WEINMANN Emergency. "I think we‘ll get together again and develop an advanced training session together. We have very good contact." He knows that WEINMANN Emergency employees are people who have experience in emergency medical care. "WEINMANN purposely developed those skills. It is the only company that signed up for advanced training with us in order to keep employees up to date."

"The standards function well," says Sander, "and the device is really well made. At a glance you can call up the basic functions without any stress." He noted that the switch from use with an adult to a child works very smoothly.

"It‘s also possible," he added, "to go back to the basic settings when you notice that something is not having the desired effect on the patient or even slips away."

"That", says Sander, "simply gives security."

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