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15/04/2022 Employees

Service Sales Manager at Weinmann Emergency

Spectacular skyscrapers, beautiful weather guaranteed, and a melting pot of cultures – Hauke cannot complain about his current job location. Since the beginning of 2021, he has been living in Dubai, where he works as a Service Sales Manager for WEINMANN Emergency. 

However, he was already part of the company back in 2015 when he began a dual study program in industrial engineering in cooperation with the Nordakademie University of Applied Sciences. His semester abroad in Buenos Aires gave him an initial foretaste of international work. “After completing my studies, I first worked as a Service Sales Manager at the Hamburg site until I was offered the chance to go to Dubai for two years,” says Hauke.

Making saving lives easier

Hauke was thrilled with the prospect of working in Dubai. Hauke not only appreciates being able to interact with people from all over the world, especially the proximity and similar time zones to WEINMANN partners in countries in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. “I want to ensure that our devices around the world work reliably for as long as possible after the initial sale and thus make saving lives easier.” To this end, Hauke has taken on three roles.

  1. In his first role as Service Data Analyst, he delivers insights that the company can use to make better service-related decisions. For example, he is currently preparing a survey of WEINMANN partners to find out which service business models they have already developed and in which they still see potential. With this knowledge, he can direct the team’s focus towards promising business models.
  2. He newly develops or refines these together with his colleagues in his second role as Service Business Developer
  3. In his third role as Service Partner Manager, Hauke interacts with partners of WEINMANN.

Sustainability is the key to satisfied customers

Just like WEINMANN Emergency, Hauke also personally considers it important to act sustainably. “I am convinced that sustainability goes hand in hand with satisfied customers, who in turn make us financially successful as a company. And that is what I especially like about my job. With the service training that we provide to people from Egypt and New Zealand, for example, we ensure that defective devices do not end up on the garbage heap, but are instead whipped into shape locally by a technician,” explains Hauke. “I am certain that the services we offer beyond the fantastic product features will be increasingly important for our customers in future. I enjoy holistically identifying customer requirements so that we can not only support our partners in the use of good devices, but in everything they do.” However, interacting with partners is not the only thing that is crucial to achieving this goal. At the same time, Hauke benefits from the experience and knowledge of his colleagues and superiors. “The teamwork at WEINMANN Emergency is truly special. And if mistakes are made, everyone has each other’s back. You have an opportunity to grow into a lot of different challenges and receive constructive feedback.”

Service Sales Manager at Weinmann Emergency

Hauke’s highlight: the dual study program

Hauke’s highlight during his time with WEINMANN Emergency so far was the dual study program. “I was able to spend time in all the departments and thus gained an overall picture of the respective tasks, working methods, and particularities of these departments and the people there. At the same time, this enabled me to identify which activities I was particularly interested in and in which direction I wanted to develop myself further.” He cannot yet say whether he can imagine staying in Dubai for longer. “Dubai is a great city for young people. I have made a lot of friends from different cultures and am really enjoying my time here. Whether playing beach volleyball in the sun after work or exploring the United Arab Emirates at the weekend. But I must admit, I do miss being able to easily go somewhere by bike in the car city Dubai. And the color green!” So it remains to be seen whether we will still find Hauke in Dubai, in another country, or back with us in beautiful Hamburg in the coming years.

Five quick facts about Hauke

  • In my job, it is above all necessary to have an analytical and structured approach.
  • My day-to-day work is characterized by variety.
  • My colleagues say “Can you hear me now?” (95% video calls).
  • For me, WEINMANN Emergency is an opportunity giver.
  • At the weekend I like to go to music festivals.
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