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20/03/2022 Employees

Project Manager at Weinmann Emergency

It is 7am. The alarm clock goes off. Some people jump out of bed immediately; others reach for the snooze button. “Just five more minutes”, thinks Moritz. A morning person? Absolutely not. Nevertheless, he manages to be in the office by 8am every day. 

“Although I have flexible working hours, I prefer to finish work earlier so that I can still do something in the evening. Therefore I always try to start at the same time,” he explains. He has always – well, virtually always – managed to stick to this habit for the last five years. In 2016, Moritz began his career at WEINMANN Emergency with a dual study program in industrial engineering. He is now Junior Project Manager in the Research & Development department and helps to find product solutions for a variety of issues.

Planning, coordinating, moderating

“I plan and manage projects. In short, I try to make sure that the project runs,” explains Moritz. “For example, we have been using a new process for lifecycle management projects since this summer. This approach helps us to better manage and prioritize the wide range of issues.” Moritz never gets bored in his job. There is always a lot to do to ensure that the next projects are already in the pipeline. One project that especially sticks out in his memory is the development of the low-pressure hose. For one thing, because there was a hard deadline and, secondly, because the project was significantly more complex than anyone had initially anticipated. However, thanks to good collaboration and mutual support, the project team was able to successfully complete the project on schedule.

Project Manager at Weinmann Emergency

Teamwork is the key to successful projects

In Moritz’s view, good collaboration within the team is generally the reason why projects are completed successfully. “Whether Regulatory Affairs, Purchasing, or Product Management – in my job I have many points of contact with colleagues from other departments. Above all, this company-wide teamwork is a lot of fun. We are all always pulling in the same direction,” says Moritz. He already experienced this feeling during his studies: “The reason why I applied to WEINMANN Emergency was that I found the products so interesting and absolutely wanted to work for a medical technology company. The reason why I have stayed here is the people in the company.”

Five quick facts about Moritz

  • In my job, it is above all necessary to be good at self-organizing.
  • My day-to-day work is characterized by many fascinating discussions.
  • My colleagues say that I am motivated and dynamic.
  • For me, WEINMANN Emergency is a wonderful employer with a fantastic team and exciting products.
  • At the weekend I like to make use of the benefits of Hamburg and do something.
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