MEDUVENT Standard: User-focused product development

28/05/2024 Products

MEDUVENT Standard in use

The MEDUVENT Standard software update delivers new functions to optimize mechanical ventilation in emergency situations. But what actually drives our product development? What challenges and solutions did WEINMANN have to deal with? Above all: What will be the differences for users?

From user feedback to innovative solutions

To ensure that we are always at the top of our game here at WEINMANN, we stay in regular contact with professionals from emergency medical services, hospitals, and military medical corps. By incorporating the resulting feedback directly in the development process, WEINMANN has (further) developed MEDUVENT Standard to produce a customized ventilator to suit the requirements of its target group precisely. This collaborative approach, supported by close cooperation between all our departments, clearly demonstrates our goal of supplying high quality products.

MEDUVENT Standard is aimed specifically at emergency medical services and special task forces, target groups which benefit from the customized solutions delivered by the software update.

Marketing Manager at WEINMANN

We are not just selling a product. We are providing a solution to a customer’s specific problem. It is tailored to suit the requirements of users precisely; it weighs just 2.1 kg and is simple to operate, with the result that you barely need to think about the technology when using it,

Kira von HardenbergMarketing Manager at WEINMANN
Project Manager at WEINMANN

Highlights of MEDUVENT Standard

The MEDUVENT Standard software update contains numerous advances to facilitate accurate, effective care of patients. “We have now integrated pressure-controlled ventilation, as well as adding proximal flow measurement; these both facilitate broader monitoring of ventilation,” says Steffen Theiss, Senior Project Manager at WEINMANN. “The CBRN option also gives the device important extra protection mechanisms in contamination situations, clearly demonstrating WEINMANN’s ability to react to complex challenges by delivering innovative solutions.” MEDUVENT Standard has furthermore been given an optimized user interface, whilst the introduction of extra languages increases the accessibility and ease of use of this product throughout the world. The software update underlines WEINMANN’s vision of supplying not just products, but rather solutions to the specific challenges faced by emergency medical services. 

More about MEDUVENT Standard

To find out more about the new features of MEDUVENT Standard, take a closer look at our ventilator and its convincing features now!

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