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01/09/2022 Employees

Customer Service Specialist at Weinmann Emergency

Christiane has only just arrived to the office when the telephone starts to ring. The issue: The release catch on the customer’s ACCUVAC Pro is broken. She notes down the article number and customer number and records the order straight away. 

And then the next phone call comes in already: An emergency medical services organization wants to find out about our ambulance equipment. Christiane explains the functions of the devices to the customer and advises them on some possible combinations and applications. Shortly after, she checks her inbox for new e-mails, before the telephone rings again. “In Customer Service you cannot have a fear of talking on the phone. The telephone is never quiet,” laughs Christiane.

Customer Service Specialist at Weinmann Emergency

Grown up with WEINMANN Emergency

Christiane is one of the “old hands” at WEINMANN Emergency. Her first day at work was over 30 years ago: “I have always felt comfortable in my profession and in the company. I simply never wanted to leave.” Added to this is the fact that there have consistently been interesting projects and opportunities over the years that have given her the chance to develop herself. In the meantime, the Customer Service team has grown from two to ten employees. While the emphasis used to be on home ventilation devices, it is now on emergency medicine. Furthermore, the nationality of the customers is now no longer limited to the DACH region. WEINMANN Emergency now has customers around the world. “We are constantly growing. That means that it never gets boring,” chuckles Christiane. She particularly enjoys working on projects for military medical corps: “In this case, we have to pay attention to a lot of things as the customer has specific requirements. That starts with the quotation and continues up until the invoicing process. We enjoy a very close collaboration, and it is then simply a great feeling when we have successfully completed such large projects.”

A mouthpiece between the company and customers

Christiane’s daily working life mainly consists of one activity: phone calls, phone calls, and phone calls. In addition, she also has to deal with quotations, order processing, and customer and master data maintenance. “The thing I love most about my job is the contact with customers. You interact with such a variety of people. We accompany our customers through the entire customer experience and are with them at virtually all times,” states Christiane. What is important here is that everyone in Customer Service has good product and specialist knowledge so that they can offer professional advice. Good cooperation both within the team and with the other departments in the company helps enormously in this respect. After all, as a mouthpiece between the company and customers, Customer Service must always be familiar with all product innovations and changes and be able to explain them. And, as is virtually always the case, good communication is key in this respect.

Five quick facts about Christiane

  • In my job, it is above all necessary to be friendly, have a high level of specialist knowledge, and not be easily stressed.
  • My day-to-day work is characterized by a multifaceted day!
  • My colleagues say that I am a totally happy and helpful person. I always have a smile on my face, even in often stressful situations.
  • For me, WEINMANN Emergency is an innovative employer where people still matter. The WEINMANN culture is above all characterized by friendliness and respectful engagement with one another.
  • At the weekend I hope for a little sunshine so that I can be out and about in the fresh air.
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