New Employer Branding Claim at WEINMANN Emergency: Be WE.

08/01/2024 Company

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WEINMANN Emergency is proud to present its new employer branding claim: Be WE. In an interview, Nele (Head of Corporate Communications), Philipp (CFO) and Sinje (Head of Human Resources) explain how this claim came about, what it means and why it is so important to the company.

What does “Be WE” mean?

Philipp: “Be” stands for all employees being who they are and encourages authenticity and diversity. This openness creates a positive working environment, in which different personalities are appreciated.

Nele: “WE” stands for both WEINMANN Emergency and also for “we”. It symbolizes the community and the joint commitment to and for the rescue services. This team spirit extends beyond day-to-day work and is further strengthened through joint projects, training and team activities. It underlines the conviction that in the rescue services, exactly like in the company, the power of the community makes all the difference. This contributes to saving lives and having a positive effect on society.

Sinje: in summary, the claim conveys that WEINMANN Emergency doesn’t just stand for emergency medicine products, but also represents a strong sense of community. It stands for being ready to help, the hands-on mentality and mutual support within the company.

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How did the claim come about?

Nele: the claim came about during a workshop in which we developed the employer brand. After intensive discussions, we created the steering wheel for the brand and it was clear to us that we needed a claim. This workshop was a creative process in which we developed ideas and identified values together which characterize our corporate culture. The steering wheel of the brand acted as a guide to identify the most important elements of our employer brand, and the need for a powerful claim was very clear.

Philipp: it was also important to us that we have a claim that makes it clear that we support talent and give it the chance to develop at WEINMANN Emergency. We create ideal conditions for personal and professional growth through targeted further training and an open communication climate. Therefore, “Be WE” also stands for our employees’ collective journey of personal and professional development.

Why is employer branding important in your opinion?

Sinje: we would like both potential new employees and our employees already at WEINMANN Emergency to see and appreciate us as an attractive employer. Depending on what stage in their life a person is at, there may be different aspects that are important to them in their working environment. We are known as a manufacturer for high-quality emergency medicine products. However, we want to stand out as an employer and carry on finding and keeping hold of the right employees for us!

Philipp: our aim is to make the change in values visible and highlight the community we offer. WEINMANN Emergency is more than just its products: it is the unique community that makes the company stand out.

What makes “Be WE” stand out for you personally?

Nele: positive working atmosphere, readiness to help and strong sense of togetherness.

Sinje: since I have been at WEINMANN Emergency, I have seen a positive attitude in everyone. The focus is on togetherness and having fun while making a difference.

Philipp: the way we treat each other as equals makes me very happy to be part of “Be WE”.

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