That Means for us “We Simplify Saving Lives”

07/09/2021 Company

A man is lying on the ground and is being resuscitated by two paramedics using Medumat Standard2.

In recent months we were all confronted with it: change. We too had to adapt our way of working in order to offer our customers maximum reliability, experience and quality including in the time of a pandemic. Home office, shift work in production, new digital formats in sales and internal collaboration – changes which have now become part of our daily routine.

Simultaneously these exceptional times have once again shown us as a company and our employees just how important medical technology is for the health care sector, and what we can achieve as a team. We are proud of being able to save peoples' lives and to improve patient care with our solutions. To demonstrate the importance of our work to society, we have now changed our slogan from “Simply Professional” to “We Simplify Saving Lives”.

What does the statement “We Simplify Saving Lives” mean to you as a former paramedic?

André Schulte, CEO of WEINMANN Emergency, answers these and other questions in this interview.

What does the new slogan means for the employees of WEINMANN Emergency?

Of course we would also like to share with you what our new slogan means for individual employees of WEINMANN Emergency. We therefore asked our colleagues for their opinions. Take a look at what Kent, Annika, Philipp, Anne-Marie, Rene and Janine have to say.

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