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Study and theory or training and practice? A combination of both is the best formula for a successful start to your career. Want to get initial professional experience in addition to an internationally-recognized higher education qualification? Want an intensive introduction to the business processes of the global market? Then study and work in parallel is the ideal solution for you! As a family-owned company, we consider it important to continue growing and to consolidate our market position both nationally and internationally. To do this, we need committed, enthusiastic, hardworking self-starters. We want to train and develop our future employees and management team ourselves. Exciting training content, project activities, and foreign placements are all included.

The benefits of study and work in parallel at WEINMANN:

  • Comprehensive practical and professional experience, even as you are still studying
  • Optimum mentoring from experienced staff throughout your whole course
  • Help design your training
  • As a self-starter, work independently
  • Foreign placement possible
  • Attractive remuneration during both theoretical and practical phases

Cooperation with Nordakademie college in Elmshorn: Study Industrial Engineering

This course includes a lot of variety. It simultaneously encourages you to think your way into two different spheres. As we focus both on the research and development of medical technology products and on selling them, there are a lot of interfaces between the technical and commercial spheres. To satisfy our requirements, employees need to feel at home in both spheres. 

During the course, you will find out what you enjoy most, whether it’s a job in supply chain management, service management or product management, for example. This is because you will get to know the whole company, both at home and abroad, in order to work out what your perfect job might be. 

Industrial Engineering

Application period
up to mid-November of the previous year

Start of course:
October 1

Duration of course
3½ years

Bachelor of Science

Course locations
Hamburg, Henstedt-Ulzburg, Elmshorn, and subsidiaries all over the world


  • Completed compulsory schooling; good to very good grades in German, Maths, Physics, and English
  • An affinity for sciences
  • An interest in business and technology
  • Initial insight into the company via work experience or part-time jobs
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Very good knowledge of English 
  • Volunteering inside or outside school
  • Good work ethic, team player, self-starter
  • Interested in foreign assignments with our subsidiaries
  • The result of Nordakademie college’s selection test should be enclosed with the application (see Nordakademie’s homepage under “Bewerbungsverfahren” [Application process]); otherwise it will unfortunately be impossible to take it into account for selection.
WEINMANN employee: dual student in research & development

My favorite thing is that I am relatively free to plan my study and work in parallel. On the one hand, this means I can adapt it to suit my needs perfectly and on the other, I can link it to the college’s curriculum.

Oliviastudy and work in parallel student

Cooperation with Technische Universität Hamburg [Hamburg Technical University]: Study Information Technology or Mechatronics

The advantages of the dual@TUHH program can be seen below:

  • In-depth look at the different areas of Research + Development - from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to Information Technology
  • Regular study at Technische Universität Hamburg (TUHH) in term-time
  • Practical phases in our company outside term-time
  • Monthly remuneration for financial independence 
  • Option to complete a term abroad via TUHH
  • In the last term of the bachelor course, you write your bachelor thesis at our company and will then have the option of completing your masters in a two-year course of study
  • Once you have successfully completed your studies, there is the possibility of being taken on permanently


Application: Apply to TUHH for a place to study Information Technology. Please note the university’s application deadlines. In parallel, please apply to us for the Infotronics program with sponsored study.
Start of course: October 1
Duration of course: Bachelor 3 years, masters 2 years
Qualification: Bachelor of Science (BSc) / Master of Science (MSc)


Information Technology course

This course is currently the only option if you want to combine engineering and IT - precisely the expertise we urgently need in Research + Development. As a result, you have outstanding chances of being given a permanent job and, in the long term, good opportunities for personal development at our company.


  • Completed compulsory schooling; very good grades in German, Maths, Physics, and English
  • Interest in both IT and engineering
  • Basic knowledge of software and programming
  • Very good knowledge of English 
  • Volunteering inside or outside school
  • Good work ethic, team player, self-starter

Mechatronics course

This course focuses on the planning, calculation, and design of systems, devices, and machines from commercial points of view; it will prepare you perfectly for practical work in our Research + Development department once your studies are complete – so offers you excellent long-term personal development opportunities.


  • Completed compulsory schooling; very good grades in German, Maths, Physics, and English
  • Interest in IT and engineering, as well as initial experience of both spheres through competitions, work experience or part-time jobs
  • Extra subjects which reflect your affinity for the sciences
  • Use of Microsoft Office applications is a given
  • Very good knowledge of English 
  • Volunteering inside or outside school
  • Good work ethic, team player, self-starter

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