MEDUtrigger for Manual Ventilation

Rescuer ventilates patient with MEDUtrigger

In certain situations, it is necessary to administer mechanical breaths individually, as needed. In emergency medicine this applies particularly in cases of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and anesthesia induction (RSI). WEINMANN makes this possible even during mechanical ventilation with the unique MEDUtrigger:

MEDUVENT Standard features the MEDUtrigger, which is located right on the mask and which is connected to the medical ventilator via electric cable.

MEDUtrigger in action
MEDUtrigger in use

The mechanical breaths are administered by pressing a button on the MEDUtrigger. Pressing and holding the button administers two mechanical breaths in succession in accordance with guidelines (30:2).

When administering mechanical breaths with the MEDUtrigger, the user can seal the mask with the C-grip for use with two hands at the same time. This way, only one user is required for administering safe ventilation to a patient. Supply to the patient is also improved through a lowered level of leakage.

Advantages of MEDUtrigger

  • The patient is connected to a mechanical medical ventilator with all its advantages: ventilation pressure limit, alarms, etc.
  • Individual mechanical breaths can be administered flexibly with the MEDUtrigger.
  • The MEDUtrigger is directly attached to the mask so that the mask can be sealed with both hands while mechanical breaths can be administered with the thumbs at the same time.
  • Pressing and holding the MEDUtrigger button will administer two mechanical breaths in succession in accordance with guidelines.
  • Speed: a maximum of five seconds is needed to administer the two successive mechanical breaths.
  • Once manual ventilation is no longer required, simply switch over to continuous ventilation.