Hygiene Filter for Your Ventilator

Hygiene filter for MEDUMAT Transport, MEDUMAT Standard² and MEDUVENT Standard

The virus and bacteria filter for ventilators

The growing number of multidrug-resistant germs is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge for emergency and health care services. Epidemic diseases and the spreading of viruses and bacteria around the world increase the need for hygiene, and this includes ventilation for patients.

MEDUMAT Transport and MEDUMAT Standard² are fitted with a bacteria filter on the device inlet to protect users, patients, and the device itself when using ventilators.

Advantages of a hygiene filter

  • Better protection against infections
  • Protects the device against contamination
  • Filters last for up to six months
  • The virus and bacteria filter is easy to retrofit

Hygiene filter at MEDUMAT Transport

MEDUMAT Transport with filter

Hygiene Filter at MEDUMAT Standard2

MEDUMAT Standard² with filter

Greater protection for everyone

The hygiene filter provides greater protection against viruses and bacteria. This filter is different from traditional device inlet filters, which only filter dust particles from the air. The aspirated ambient air is filtered at the device inlet to prevent bacteria and viruses from penetrating through the filter. The filtration rate is > 99%.

The function check allows you to find out the filter’s useful life at any time. Color coding indicates the remaining service life of the filter. If required, you will be reminded when you need to change the virus and bacteria filter. The filter should generally be changed as part of the function check if indicated (every six months or after 24 hours of ventilation using the Air Mix function), or after transporting and providing ventilation for a patient with an infection.

Easily retrofit your ventilator

MEDUMAT Transport

For devices with a serial number larger than 8000, simply order the WM 15824 set by calling +49-(0)40-88 18 96-120 and you can retrofit your MEDUMAT Transport yourself.

For devices with a serial number smaller than 8000, ask our Technical Service team to retrofit your MEDUMAT Transport by calling  +49 40 88 18 96-122.

Tip: Have a bacteria filter retrofitted during your next maintenance routine to save time and money.

MEDUMAT Standard²

Switching to a hygiene filter is easy. Simply replace the gray device inlet filter with a hygiene filter. Quote article number WM 28740 with your next order and state the required quantity to receive your hygiene filters.