Mechanical ventilation the easy way

MEDUMAT Easy<sup>CPR</sup>

A lightweight design you can rely on

Mechanical ventilation is a safe method on an emergency call – not just for patients but also for you as the user. To help support less experienced users, we have also developed MEDUMAT EasyCPR. Our smallest ventilator provides an ideal introduction to mechanical ventilation. It supports and combines the two main ventilation applications performed by the emergency medical services: Resuscitation (CPR) and emergency anesthesia (RSI). With voice prompts and other features, the ventilator guides the users through the treatment.

But MEDUMAT EasyCPR also provides support for manual ventilation: The MEDUtrigger allows manual breaths to be triggered on the ventilation mask itself. Thus, the ventilator can replace the resuscitator and ensure increased patient safety.  

Five advantages of MEDUMAT EasyCPR

  • Lightweight design weighing just 700 g – ideal for storage in a bag or backpack, or for wall mounting
  • Easy and safe to operate thanks to voice prompts, with the option to turn them off
  • Manual breath triggering close to the patient with MEDUtrigger
  • Reduced risk of stomach overinflation, barotrauma and hyperventilation compared to bag mask ventilation
  • Consistent use in the most important ventilation situations: Demand flow mode, manual mode (CPR mode), continuous ventilation (IPPV)

Effective alarms in every emergency situation through LEDs, alarm tones and voice prompts. Simple, safe ventilation with our MEDUMAT EasyCPR. A real team player!

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Manual ventilation: MEDUtrigger ejects ventilation breaths
Rescue worker ventilates patient in ambulance with MEDUMAT Easy<sup>CPR</sup>
Rescuer resuscitates patient using MEDUMAT Transport Easy CPR
Worker is treated with the MEDUMAT Easy<sup>CPR</sup>
Patient is treated and transported with the MEDUMAT Easy<sup>CPR</sup>

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Accessories & portable units

So that you are suitably equipped for every situation, we offer a wide range of accessories and consumables for MEDUMAT EasyCPR. Breathing circuits (reusable and disposable), other disposable and reusable elements and much more can be found at our 

emergency accessories

Matching portable units 

  • LIFE-BASE light 
  • LIFE-Base Mini II 

To our portable units


Hands free on route to the site of the emergency: Use MEDUMAT EasyCPR in the RESCUE-PACK 

emergency backpack

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Technical details

Dimensions (W x H x D):

100 mm x 145 mm x 90 mm incl. connections 


approx. 0.7 kg

Device class according to Directive 93/42/EEC:


Temperature (operating conditions):

-20 °C to +50 °C

Temperature (storage):

-40 °C to +70 °C

Oxygen concentration:

100 %

Supply gas:

medical oxygen

Own oxygen consumption for device operation:

0 l/min

Operating pressure:

2.7 bar to 6 bar

Minimum input flow:

40 l/min

Power supply (accessible from the outside):
  • Lithium-ion battery (3.6 V; 5.2 Ah)
  • Battery life up to 100 h under standard conditions 
IPPV mode:
  • Ventilation rate: Can be set from 10 min⁻¹ to 25 min⁻¹ 
  • Tidal volume (Vt): Can be set from 65 ml to 950 ml 
  • Allocation of tidal volume to the ventilation rate: f(min⁻¹) -> Vt(ml) [25;65], [20;100], [15;150], [12;300], [10;500], [10;600], [10;800], [10;950] 
  • I:E: 1:2 or 1:3 
  • max. ventilation pressure: 20 mbar or 45 mbar 
Manual mode:
  • Tidal volume (Vt): Can be set from 65 ml to 950 ml 
  • max. ventilation pressure: 20 mbar or 45 mbar 
  • I:E: 1:1 
Demand flow mode:
  • Trigger: 0.8 mbar
  • Peak flow: ≥ 40 l/min
  • Switch-off pressure: 3 mbar 
Visual alarm with voice prompts and alarm signal in the event of:
  • high airway pressure
  • low airway pressure/apnea
  • Drop in supply gas pressure
  • low battery charge level 
Degree of protection against water and dust:


Applied standards:

DIN EN 794-3
ISO 10651-3
EN 1789
EN 60601-1
EN 60601-1-2
EN 60601-1-12

Instruction and interactive training

Covering everything from the function check, operation and hygienic reprocessing: You will find valuable information in our training video.

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