CCSV: The Innovation in Resuscitation

04-25-2019 | Press Release

(Hamburg) - After extensive animal studies on the animal model and successful applications at different EMS locations in Germany and Austria, the medical technology manufacturer WEINMANN Emergency has now brought the innovative CCSV ventilation mode to market for widespread use. The ventilation mode, which was developed specifically for resuscitation, applies a pressure-controlled mechanical breath synchronously with each chest compression. CCSV stands for Chest Compression Synchronized Ventilation. The use of CCSV demonstrably improves gas exchange and hemodynamics.

During chest compression, the heart and the pulmonary vessels in the lung are compressed, which also results in gas volume escaping from the lung below. Surrounded by soft tissue, the heart can thus compress only to a limited extent. The CCSV ventilation mode revolutionizes this decades-old procedure. CCSV modifies the principle of cardiopulmonary resuscitation as follows: The synchronized mechanical breath causes the thoracic pressure to additionally increase during the compression phase. As a result, no gas volume can escape, increasing the circulation of the blood. In the subsequent decompression phase, the device switches to exhalation to avoid hindering venous return to the heart.

Scientific studies have shown that the principle of resuscitation with CCSV leads to an increase in arterial blood pressure and an improvement in oxygenation and decarboxylation in comparison to conventional ventilation under resuscitation (IPPV).

The CCSV ventilation mode from WEINMANN Emergency can be easily integrated in the resuscitation process and is compatible with automatic chest compression devices. This is unique in the world.

CCSV is a real innovation in emergency ventilation during resuscitation. The mode can be easily integrated in the ventilation device MEDUMAT Standard² from WEINMANN Emergency and retrofitted to existing equipment.

Dr. Manfred Beham, Senior Emergency Physician in Oberwart, Austria comments: “CCSV revolutionizes resuscitation ventilation. A simple yet brilliant idea.


Press Release