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First-class service directly from the manufacturer

We know the specific requirements of the various markets. We are committed to carrying these over to our products in order to fulfill your requirements. Together with our partners, we offer you the matching service for your WEINMANN devices – worldwide. We are also there for you on site and can thereby make the availability of your devices as efficient as possible. Our manufacturer service fulfills the highest standards for quality and reliability. All of our spare parts are tested and comply with the regulatory requirements.


Every day, you and your colleagues rely on ventilators, defibrillators and other medical devices to save lives and keep your community safe and healthy. To ensure these devices are always ready for you and your patients, they require regular upkeep and maintenance. Would you trust an airline that does not inspect its aircraft regularly? Would you rely on your private car that has been driven for years without any kind of check by a mechanic? Please click here for further information or find the right contact for your country.


We are committed to having your devices ready for use at all times. Through maintenance and repair measures, we will put your devices into a completely usable condition again as quickly as possible.


Service partner authorization

Our training courses provide our service partners with the necessary know-how to assist you professionally. This enables them to carry out repairs, maintenance and final inspections on equipment and accessories.

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Loan devices

To ensure the constant availability of your WEINMANN products, even during necessary maintenance and repairs, we will provide you with loan devices. This way, you remain operational at all times.

Warranty extension

We offer you a contract that covers all repair costs within the period covered by the extended warranty.


Do you have any questions about our products, wish to place an order, or have technical issues? Please feel free to contact us!

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