Simulation Software

Interactive Simulation Software


Interactive Simulation Software

For MEDUMAT Transport, MEDUMAT Standard² and MEDUCORE Standard²

Operate the devices live on your computer using our simulation software.

See for yourself how intuitively our devices can be operated and familiarize yourself with the various functions on your own computer.

The simulation software of the devices corresponds to the current device software. Operation is exactly the same as on the real device and all the same functions are available.

Simply download and get started! You can start the interactive simulation immediately – you don’t need to install a program.


Device Simulators are Available for the Following Devices:

  • MEDUMAT Transport

  • MEDUMAT Standard²

  • MEDUCORE Standard²

  • MEDUVENT Standard

Compatible Operating Systems:

  • Windows® Vista

  • Windows® 7

  • Windows® 8 

  • Windows® 10

(Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation in the USA and/or other countries).

Simulation software download

Download The Simulation Software

And Get Started

Download the ZIP or EXE file and unzip the ZIP file if applicable.

  1. Start the EXE file by double-clicking on the file.
  2. The simulation will start.
  3. The language of the simulation software will automatically be the same as the language set on your computer.
  4. Press: To select functions and to confirm a selection. Left-click on a button or in the center of a navigation knob.
  5. Turn: To navigate (up and down). One or multiple clicks with the left mouse button on the arrow on the right or left of the navigation knob or on the right or left area of a navigation knob.
  6. Tip: Familiarize yourself with the device using the instructions for use.

Special features:

  • MEDUCORE Standard²: With MEDUCORE Standard², you can configure settings for a simulated patient in an additional window.
  • MEDUMAT Standard²: The MEDUtrigger can be faded in and out by inserting or removing the check mark for “MEDUtrigger” at the bottom.

Saving Screenshots

If you want to create instructions or training documents, you can do this easily using screenshots from the simulator screen.

  1. Start the simulation software.
  2. Right-click on the simulation screen.
  3. Click on the “save screenshot” button.
  4. Save the screenshot to the desired storage location.

You can decide whether the entire control panel (with skin) or just the screen capture (without skin) is included in the screenshot (not for the MEDUMAT Transport simulation software).

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