LIFE-BASE portable system in use

Portable Unit LIFE-BASE

LIFE-BASE Portable Unit

The LIFE-BASE portable unit is the perfect way to secure and charge WEINMANN Emergency medical devices, and transport them safely to the site of an emergency.

Life-Saving Devices in a Single Portable Unit 

Customize Your Own Portable Unit

The LIFE-BASE portable unit secures your devices in the emergency vehicle and protects them on your way to the emergency site. It allows you to combine your complete ventilation, monitoring and defibrillation equipment on a single unit and carry it in one hand.

LIFE-BASE is available for a large number of WEINMANN emergency medical devices: for single units as well as for different combinations of devices. On demand, you can supplement your tailor-made unit by an oxygen cylinder with pressure reducer, protective or accessories bags and a charging interface for the on-board power supply.

You have the freedom of choice. Have a look on how to select your custom combination in five simple steps:

Device Selection

Select a ventilator and/or monitor/defibrillator:

MEDUMAT Transport
MEDUMAT Standard²
MEDUMAT Standardᵃ
MEDUCORE Standard²


Supplement your preferred device with options or MODUL devices (the latter for MEDUMAT EasyCPR)


Select your preferred accessories according to the device.

Patient hose system
Ventilation Masks
ECG cable
Defibrillation electrodes

Portable System

Are you looking for a system with or without built-in oxygen cylinder? We can offer you an extensive selection of different portable systems.

Pressure Reducer and Oxygen Cylinder

Select your pressure reducer and, if applicable, your oxygen cylinder. These can also be configured:

Your Individual Combination

To Precisely Meet your Requirements!

The LIFE-BASE portable unit is extremely robust and protects devices and accessories when in use and during transport. It enables you to combine treatment components for ventilation and defibrillation/monitoring, with and without an oxygen cylinder. LIFE-BASE comes in different shapes and sizes to meet your individual requirements for equipment, ergonomics, and flexibility.

Matching protective and accessories bags provide space for accessories and are durable and easy to clean.

The BASE-STATION wall and roof mountings have plenty to offer: Secure storage in the vehicle (crash-proof in accordance with standard EN 1789), easy and quick removal, and the possibility to charge the device.