Medical suction machine in use

Medical Suction Devices

For Emergency Responses

Portable Suction Machines for Airway Suctioning 

Electrical and manual suction pumps for emergency responses. Suction of the mouth and pharynx area is rendered extremely simple and effective by the use of our robust suction devices. Clearing of the airways is one of the first measures to be taken in order to ensure adequate oxygen supply.

Portable Suction Machines

Robust Products

For Effective Clearing of the Airways

The emergency medical services are called out to emergencies over 30,000 times a day in Germany alone. Emergency personnel often find themselves in situations where they immediately need to use a suction device: Respiratory secretions, blood, or other foreign bodies, such as pieces of food, can interrupt the patient’s breathing, or even result in respiratory arrest. Clearing the patient’s airways of obstructions using a portable suction pump is often the first life-saving measure to be performed during an emergency response. A reliable suction device in emergency situations ensures survival and allows the emergency medical services to start providing effective ventilation for the patient.

According to EN 1789 Medical vehicles and their equipment, type B and C ambulances (emergency ambulances and mobile intensive care units) must carry a non-manual suction system with a collection container of at least 1 liter. Our ACCUVAC Pro and Lite electrical suction pumps with reusable or disposable containers meet this criterion. They are securely fitted in the vehicle with the crash-proof wall mounting, where they can also be charged. The battery-powered devices can be removed from the wall mounting using a handle and taken to the emergency site. You can also deflate vacuum splints and mattresses quickly and easily using our ACCUVAC Pro and ACCUVAC Lite electrical suction devices.

Type A1, A2, B, and C ambulances also require a manual, portable suction device as part of their minimum equipment. The small hand or foot-operated MANUVAC easily fits into an emergency case or backpack.