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Medical Suction Devices

For Emergency Responses

Mobile suction devices for airway suctioning

We provide electrical and manual suction pumps for emergency response. Our robust suction pumps render suctioning of the mouth and pharynx area both simple and effective. Clearing of the airways is the first, life-saving step when faced with respiratory disorders and enables initial effective ventilation. That’s why suction pumps are elementary components of medical care, especially in an emergency.

Medical suction pumps for professional suctioning by emergency services

Emergency services are called out to emergencies more than 30,000 times a day in Germany alone. EMS field providers are often confronted with situations which demand the immediate use of a suction device: Respiratory secretions, blood or other foreign bodies such as food result in respiratory disorders in the patient or even lead to apnea.

Clearing of the airways using a mobile suction pump is thus often the first life-saving measure to be taken on site. Every second counts in such an emergency: A reliable suction device not only ensures the survival of the patient, but also enables the emergency services to provide effective and life-saving ventilation. In addition to a suitable manual or electric suction device from WEINMANN Emergency, the use of a suitable ventilator is therefore also recommended for use in an emergency.

Suction device in rescue service
Suction device during rescue operation

Electrical suction pumps for the emergency services

According to DIN EN 1789, type B and C ambulances (emergency ambulances and emergency vehicles) must carry a non-manual suction system with a collection container of at least 1 l. This criterion is met by WEINMANN's ACCUVAC Pro and ACCUVAC Lite electric suction pumps with reusable or disposable canisters. Additional advantage: Vacuum splints and mattresses can be quickly and easily deflated with our electric suction devices for the emergency services.

Their rugged, shock-proof housing means they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. A crash-proof wall mount attaches them to the vehicle, where they are also charged. In an emergency, the devices are quickly at hand. They can be removed from the wall mounting in one easy step and easily taken to the scene of the emergency thanks to the ergonomic carrying handle – and with the integrated lithium-ion battery, even longer periods of use are no problem.

Use of the two suction devices differs due to different controls. While the vacuum of the ACCUVAC Lite can be continuously adjusted by means of a regulator, four vacuum levels can be quickly selected at the touch of a button on the ACCUVAC Pro. The function check is partially automated on both models and takes less than a minute.

Cleaning and disinfection of both devices is also easy. The base of the device, the holder for the suction tube and the canister in which blood and secretions from the suction pump are collected can be dismantled without the need for tools. This allows all the parts to be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. What’s more, complete immersion disinfection is also possible. Alternatively, we also offer a disposable container system in which the secretion canister is disposed of after each patient. For further information, please refer to the instructions for use and the poster “Hygienic reprocessing of our emergency equipment”.


Instructions for Use ACCUVAC Pro/Lite Download
Poster Hygienic Reprocessing Download

Manual suction devices

The minimum equipment of A1, A2, B and C type ambulances also includes a portable manual suction device. Manual suction devices boast the advantage that, unlike electric suction units, they do not require a power source. Moreover, the small manually operated suction pump can be easily packed away in an emergency case or emergency backpack.

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