Pressure Reducer for Medical Oxygen

Robust, durable, light

OXYWAY pressure regulator for medical oxygen

Pressure Reducers and Flow Regulators for Medical Oxygen

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Are you looking for a pressure reducer for oxygen treatment or do you want an oxygen supply for a ventilator, an oxygen administrator, or similar? Our range includes a wide selection of variants, tailored to your specific needs.

Find out more about our OXYWAY Fix, OXYWAY Fast, and OXYWAY Fine pressure reducers. Other devices for oxygen inhalation via a central gas supply system include the OXYWAY Click flow regulator and the Oxygen MODULE, which can also be mounted on the LIFE-BASE portable unit.

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Top Facts

OXWAY meets the particularly high standards of the emergency medical services:

  • Compact and light

  • Durable metal housing

  • Disinfectant-resistant and shockproof multistep flow selector made from aluminum for setting the flow of oxygen inhalation

  • Front and side laser-engraved numerals on the multistep flow selector – can be read from all directions (Fast and Click variants) and cannot fade or smudge

  • Pressure gauge can be rotated 360° – can be read from all directions (Fix and Fast variants)

  • OXYWAY pressure reducers are designed to provide an optimum supply to MEDUMAT ventilators

  • Modular system: numerous variants can be individually configured

  • Economic: maintenance interval of 6 years and service life is not limited by the manufacturer


  • Nasal cannulas and inhalation masks
  • Bubble humidifiers
  • Connection nozzles
  • Adapters
  • Pressure hoses
  • Quick-release couplings

and other accessories can be found in our

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Country-specific Connections

Our pressure regulators are available with numerous country-specific connections. Find more in our:

ebook cataog


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Click here for further product information, brochures, images, videos, instructions for use and EC Declarations of Conformity on Medical Devices:


Technical Details

Technical Data OXYWAY Fix OXYWAY Fast OXYWAY Fine
Dimensions (W x H x D in mm): 63 mm x 64 mm x 71 mm 63 mm x 64 mm x 108 mm 115 mm x 96 mm x 99 mm
Weight: Approx. 500 g Approx. 610 g Approx. 730 g
Temperature (operating conditions): -20° C to + 60° C -20° C to + 60° C -20° C to + 60° C
Height above sea level (operating conditions): Up to 5 000 m Up to 5 000 m Up to 5 000 m
Resistance to shock and vibration: EN ISO 10524-1
EN 1789
EN ISO 10524-1
EN 1789
EN ISO 10524-1
EN 1789
Inlet pressure p1: 200 to 10 bar 200 to 10 bar 200 to 10 bar
Outlet pressure (operating pressure)/outlet flow: 4.5 bar
190 l/min
Fixed 4 l/min
4.5 bar
190 l/min
0 to 15 l/min
0.5 to 6.2 bar
3 to 15 l/min

NATO Stock Numbers

OXYWAY Fast I, G 3/4, oxygen pressure reducer WM 30801 680-12-383-0781
OXYWAY Fast II, W21.8/21.7, oxygen pressure reducer WM 30844 6680-12-383-1172
OXYWAY Fast II High Flow, G 3/4, oxygen pressure reducer WM 31891 6680-12-383-2243
OXYWAY Fix III, G 3/4, oxygen pressure reducer WM 30421 6680-12-372-2442

Technical Service

After your purchase we take care of your devices.

With repairs, maintenance, safety checks (STK) and electrical safety checks, we offer you a complete service for your device:



Oxygen regulator OXYWAY Fast I


When You Need to Act Fast

In an emergency, oxygen treatment or oxygen inhalation needs to be started as quickly as possible via a mask or nasal cannula.

All Fast pressure reducers are equipped with a multistep flow selector made from aluminum to set the flow and a flow outlet (UNF 9/16”). This means you can set predefined flow levels easily. The available levels are laser-engraved onto the side and front of the multistep flow selector and the selector clicks into place. The red indicator means the current flow setting can be identified immediately.

A pressure outlet (G 3/8”) is also available for the Fast II variants. Every Fast pressure reducer has a rotatable pressure gauge arranged upright or in a space-saving design lying against the housing.


Small and Compact

The small, compact Fix pressure reducers include the Fix I variant with a flow outlet.

This is fixed at 4 l/min for inhalation. The Fix III pressure reducers exclusively feature a high-flow pressure outlet for optimum device operation. Every Fix pressure reducer has a rotatable pressure gauge arranged upright or in a space-saving design lying against the housing.

Oxygen regulator OXYWAY Fix
Oxygen regulator OXYWAY Fine I


Infinitely adjustable flow settings

OXYWAY Fine I can be regulated particularly precisely using the continuous flow selector.

The pressure reducer exclusively features a flow outlet and can output 3 to 15 l/min of oxygen. The output flow can be reliably read at any time using the additional flow pressure gauge.


Flow Regulator

The OXYWAY Click flow regulator is suitable for use with a central gas supply system in a hospital or in a vehicle.

You can set a flow rate of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, or 15 l/min in a single movement using the robust multistep flow selector made from aluminum.

Flow regulator OXYWAY Click
MODUL Oxygen

MODUL Oxygen

Oxygen Inhalation via a Central Gas Supply System

With MODUL Oxygen, we offer another option for oxygen inhalation via a central gas supply system.

The oxygen flow rate can be continuously adjusted up to 15 l/min. The module also allows you to connect a ventilator. MODUL Oxygen can be permanently installed in a vehicle or on a LIFE-BASE portable unit. 

Modular System

Individually Configurable

OXYWAY Pressure Reducers are individually configurable. Select a device with a flow outlet to adjust the flow rate for inhalation treatment (OXYWAY Fast I, Fast III, Fine I, or Fix I) or a device with a pressure outlet to supply oxygen to a ventilator (OXYWAY Fix III). Or have a combination of both (OXYWAY Fast II)!

  1. Upright or space-saving, flat pressure gauge

  2. Connecting bolt length from 2 cm to a maximum of 8 cm

  3. All common international country connections

  4. Connecting bolts mounted on the right or left side of the housing

  5.  For OXYWAY Fast: Four different flow outlet positions

  6.  Pressure outlet with: G3/8” thread with 190 l/min or quick-release couplings according to DIN 13260 or AFNOR (bayonet), for example

Contents Indicator

Available as flat or upright version

Druckminderer OXYWAY Fast II
Rotating Gauge

Contents indicator can be rotated through 360°

Connenction Bolt

Various international connections available, length between 2 and 5 cm

International connections
Connection Bolt Position

Choose between left and right side

Connection bolt position
Regulator Type

Choose between Fix, Fast, Fine and Click

Flow Outlet Position

Choose between 4 different positions

Flow outlet positions
Pressure Outlet Type

G 3/8" with 190 l/min or other quick-release couplings (e.g. type DIN 13260 or type AFNOR)

Pressure outlet types