Oxygen administered to patient

Equipment for Oxygen Supply

In Emergency Care

Equipment for Oxygen Supply in Emergency Care

Pressure reducers, oxygen cylinders, flow regulators, pressure tubes, gas sampling connectors, and the complete set of oxygen accessories for vehicle equipment and mobile care units.

Oxygen Systems

Complete Oxygen Equipment

For Vehicles and Emergency Responses

It needs to be possible to supply medical oxygen to patients quickly and reliably anywhere, at any time – whether it is for emergency ventilation or oxygen inhalation via a mask or nasal cannula.

We offer all the life-saving equipment you need for oxygen supply, from pressure reducers and pressure hoses to gas sampling connectors. The pressure reducers used on the LIFE-BASE portable units are perfectly compatible with the selected ventilator and the portable unit.

To ensure that the right output is always provided, the pressure reducer is safely housed and installed to make it easy to read.

Oxygen cylinder with pressure regualtor

The Right Equipment for Every Application

We can provide complete equipment for supplying oxygen in an emergency and for treating patients at the site of the emergency:

  • Oxygen pressure reducers for use with oxygen cylinders for oxygen inhalation or to operate ventilators
  • Medical oxygen cylinders with residual pressure valve, empty or filled, made of steel or aluminum
  • Comprehensive accessories such as adapters, connection nozzles, shut-off valves, T-distributors, oxygen administrators, and much more.
  • Pressure hoses and gas sampling connectors can be configured in any way you like
  • OXYBAG oxygen bags to transport oxygen cylinders without a portable unit, case, or backpack


Oxygen Supply

For Emergency Responses or an MCI

  • MODUL Oxygen and the OXYWAY Click flow regulator for using a central gas supply system in a vehicle, an MCI box, or fixed location.
  • Transportable oxygen systems with multiple oxygen administrators for up to 5 patients at the same time.
O₂ Box Rescue compact for mass casuality incident