Paramedic Equipment

For Emergency Cases and Backpacks

Paramedic equipment

Emergency Cases and Backpacks

Equipment for Emergency Cases and Backpacks

Paramedic Equipment

Are you looking for the right paramedic equipment for your ULM CASE or RESCUE-PACK?

We offer the equipment variant Light for your aluminum case or backpack as well as equipment for special cases. The selection of paramedic equipment is flexible, and you can choose which items you really need. Start by deciding which container you want to use and then select an appropriate oxygen cylinder.

Are you interested in our products and would you like some advice about paramedic equipment? Please get in touch with our Customer Service team.


Top Facts

  • Perfect for our emergency cases and backpacks

  • Flexible configuration

  • Numerous options

Light equipment in emergency case ULM CASE I

Light Equipment

You choose the paramedic equipment you need for your container. The Light equipment variant is a comprehensive accessory set, which can be stored cleanly and neatly in either the ULM CASE emergency case or in the RESCUE-PACK emergency backpack.

The following items are included in the set:

  • Oxygen cylinder, empty, 0.8 l or 2 l, incl. tension belts

  • OXYWAY Fine I pressure regulator

  • Inhalation mask for adults

  • COMBIBAG bag-valve mask

  • 4 different Rendell-Baker ventilation masks

  • MANUVAC manual suction device

  • 6 oropharyngeal tubes

  • 1 nasopharyngeal tube each

  • Various case labels