Defibrillator during transport

Defibrillator with Monitoring Function

Defibrillator with Monitoring Function

Compact defibrillator for resuscitation and patient monitoring by the emergency medical services.
Can be combined with MEDUMAT ventilators.



With Monitoring Function

What does a professional emergency response depend on? And how do our defibrillators help you master the specific challenges in these scenarios?

Our defibrillators make your job of saving lives as easy as possible. In AED mode, you get full support from the device: ventricular fibrillation or non-shockable rhythm? The device detects whether a shock needs to be emitted or not. The clear instructions displayed on the device guide you through resuscitation in line with the guidelines.

This is why our defibrillators/monitors are so well suited to emergency responses:

  • Fast: In the event of cardiac arrest, you need to start cardiac rhythm analysis and monitor the patient’s vital signs as quickly as possible. This is the only way to ensure you can defibrillate at the right time if needed. This is where the emergency mode, which appears on the display immediately after the device starts up, and the AED mode, which guides you through the procedure and automates many steps, can offer support. MEDUCORE defibrillators are also simple and intuitive to operate.
  • Portable: This is where the low weight, compact dimensions, and available portable units play an important role. You can even combine your defibrillator with a MEDUMAT ventilator on a LIFE-BASE portable unit. This means you have and can perform ventilation, oxygen treatment, monitoring, and defibrillation in one compact unit. You can perfectly coordinate all functions without taking your eye off patient monitoring.
    Other important factors for pre-hospital use: Long battery runtimes and secure mounting options for the emergency equipment with an integrated charging option.

  • Robust: Shocks, vibrations, rain, dirt, extreme temperatures – our defibrillators can handle all conditions. We guarantee this by applying the standards EN 1789 (Medical vehicles), RTCA-DO 160 (Air rescue service), as well as the relevant product standards and standards for medical electrical devices.

  • Safe for patients and users: Increase application safety by tailoring your defibrillators to the user’s needs: Protect certain functions with a password and configure presettings that are adapted to your organization.

Defibrillator user interface

Every Second Counts during Cardiac Arrest

When performing resuscitation, you need to act fast. The user interface of our defibrillators has been designed with this in mind:

  • With predefined settings for infants, children, and adults, cardiac rhythm analysis, for example, can be started extremely quickly.

  • Permanently assigned keys allow direct access to important functions at any time.

  • AED mode with a metronome and voice and text instructions guides the user through resuscitation in line with the guidelines.

Various Application Options

Whether you are a doctor or a first responder – MEDUCORE defibrillators are suitable for users with various levels of training. This is why you can choose between the AED mode with maximum user support and the manual mode with the maximum number of configuration options. You can also pre-configure the devices for various user groups or deployment scenarios.

The defibrillator provides the information required for patient monitoring clearly on the display with a focus on measured values or curves, depending on the user’s preference. For example, pulse rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and ECG can all be displayed.

NIBP cuffs for MEDUCORE Standard²

Accessories, Consumables, and Service

Directly from the Manufacturer

After your purchase, WEINMANN Emergency will be your expert contact for any questions about your device. We provide various portable units, all accessories, numerous spare parts, and consumables for your device, for example:

  • Defibrillation electrodes for adults or children

  • ECG cables with ERC or AHA color coding

  • Blood pressure cuffs that are reusable, disposable, or for short-term use

  • Pulse oximetry sensors in various sizes

  • PC software DEFIview for session evaluation

  • Matching portable units and protective bags

We can also service and repair your devices. Have a look at our maintenance contracts and take advantage of our impressive mobile service.

No Resuscitation Without Ventilation

Combination Options for Defibrillators

The defibrillators from WEINMANN Emergency can be perfectly combined with a MEDUMAT ventilator. Not only do they both fit together with an oxygen cylinder on a LIFE-BASE portable unit, the devices also complement each other perfectly when performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Take a look at our video “Optimum interaction between the MEDUCORE Standard and MEDUMAT Standard² during resuscitation (CPR)” on YouTube.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR with MEDUCORE Standard and MEDUMAT Standard²