A faster way to collect data

Finding out your reports are incomplete, with lots of missing information to add later, can easily become a laborious, stressful, and time-consuming process for everyone involved. Yet there’s a perfect solution for session documentation. MEDICALPAD makes it easier for emergency response teams to complete session documentation to meet legal requirements. EMS field providers can concentrate on the essentials during a session, namely the patients.


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Your Benefits at a Glance


Clear, full documentation

Sustainable, efficient quality assurance

End-to-end communication between those involved

Simple and intuitive

High data quality and security

Simple system integration



Options at a glance


MEDICALPAD selects the right type of report for you based on EDS alarm notifications.

Graphics draw your attention to any data still missing.

Patient vital signs are displayed in a structured, clear way.

Concentrate on your patients while MEDICALPAD incorporates the data from your medical devices in the session report.

Record pain scales, the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), and affected areas of the body with burns patients.

Billing made easy: Prevents errors, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.

Support from start to finish


Before the incident

MEDICALPAD forwards details of incidents from your EDS to your mobile device quickly and simply. This means you are always completely up to date: both at the incident and in the EDS. The incident, including all the information already available from the EDS, can be included in your session report automatically.

During the incident

Structured, guided documentation as per the tried-and-tested ABCDE approach is provided on the mobile devices. Copying data from medical devices or an insurance card is not only fast. It also prevents transcription errors. Integrating treatment capacity systems and handover of the session report optimize patient care and preparation in the emergency admissions department.

After the incident

In many cases, first aid to the patient is followed by further treatment in hospital. But it is not only here that the session data matters. The documentation is also important for incident billing and quality assurance. Once the emergency response is over, MEDICALPAD also helps you complete the documentation fully and clearly.
The MEDICALPAD incident analysis allows you to identify process optimizations automatically and helps substantially improve the quality of medical treatment. At the same time, you can provide data to the German Resuscitation Register [Deutsches Reanimationsregister] or to other medical databases.

Invoicing made easy

Use the billing service and save time. Billing is already integrated in the session data documentation and accelerates immediate billing of incidents with providers. We have developed MEDICALPAD Billing based on real-life scenarios in close consultation with our customers. Our billing is built seamlessly into the MEDICALPAD system as an efficient, integral part of the documentation process. Instant invoicing comes courtesy of the standardized user interface and the intuitive operation.

This is what our customers say


“The system is well structured and easy to handle. The mandatory fields with selection options mean fewer queries and master data maintenance also runs reliably. This makes data recording not only easier, but also more effective.”

Dana Götze, Departmental Manager for Receipts and Billing for the German regional capital of Dresden

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“In a session, we can now concentrate on the essentials, as digital documentation of session data is simple and saves time.”

Dr. Andreas Mennewisch, Medical Director for Emergency Medical Services in the Osnabrück district

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“Together with the MEDICALPAD billing project team, we have designed special programming which enables us to quantify emergency physician involvement in incidents.”

Sebastian Kutz, Quality Management Officer and IT Administrator at the German Red Cross in the Osnabrück district

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