Simply record more quickly

Whether during an emergency response or during patient transport: Time is your greatest asset in saving lives and caring for your patients. Focused recording of the incident and the measures taken in line with local and international standards is essential for emergency medical staff. Complete, clear documentation ensures that emergency patients receive ideal continued treatment once they reach hospital.


  • Intuitive operation
  • Customizable
  • Large number of certified interfaces for a high level of integration
  • Increased documentation quality
  • Can be expanded with a range of extra modules
  • Full service from ideas generation to a complete customized solution
MedicalPad graphic

How it works

The heart of the MEDICALPAD is the MEDICALPAD server, which continuously exchanges data with mobile devices via a secure VPN connection. As a result, you are always up to date - whether at the incident site, in the dispatch center or in hospital - and you can automatically incorporate your incident information, including all the existing information available from the dispatch center, in the incident report. Focused development and long-term collaboration with our partners mean we can now support the complete emergency rescue process. MEDICALPAD is linked to all common incident management, billing and financial accounting systems and can be evaluated using tried and tested statistics programs. In addition to integrating your medical devices, you can choose from a wide range of extra modules such as the ABCDE assessment scheme, centralized health databases, translator or resuscitation registers.


The basic product

Intuitive, modern user concepts in all reports

The intuitive and modern user concept makes it easy for your employees to find their way around the report. Text entries are made by hand, stylus or keyboard. Handwritten entries can also be converted to text.

Patient transport, EMS and emergency physician reports, continuous data synchronization

Paperwork is history. Users now create reports in digital form, make real-time backups and transmit data at lightning speed, with the new MEDICALPAD using your master data in the process. If the interface allows it, the MEDICALPAD can also synchronize data continuously with the dispatch center. The type of report can be preselected automatically based on information delivered with the alert.

Standards and plausibilities

Even though rescue service reports are subject to constant change: With MEDICALPAD you are always up to date. The MEDICALPAD always keeps you up to date. Plausibility checks generate clear graphics to call your attention to any missing data still required.

MedicalPad ePCR

Medical Device Interface

Select the medical devices you use and the required interfaces and simply integrate the captured data in the incident report.
We have realized a connection to the following devices:

corpuls3 (GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH)
Schiller Touch7 (Schiller Medizintechnik GmbH)

Other devices upon request.

Server & Server Hosting


We set up the appropriate database for you on a new server specifically designed for MedicalPad or on a server you already use. You‘ll have the option of managing master data and modifications to the program on your own with the administration tool included in delivery. A direct connection to dispatch center is included.

Server Hosting

If you do not want to operate your own server, you can have the advantages of a decentralized server in a professional data center, which is DIN ISO 27001-certified and connected to your dispatch center.

Statistics Easy & Statistics Pro

Statistics Easy

Use the programmed standard queries or compose your own personal evaluation with data such as:

Evaluation of logistical vehicle data
Evaluation of demographic development
Evaluation and analysis of medical algorithms
Statistics to use in planning emergency medical service requirements

Statistics Pro

We provide you with complete and customized access by means of an external statistics application to the database of MedicalPad, which also gives you the option of conducting extensive analyses.

Finance & Finance Export


Efficiently integrated in the documentation process, our invoicing module seamlessly fits into the MedicalPad system. We developed the program in close collaboration with our customers whose practical experience results in the following benefits for you:

Intuitive operation
Uniform data records
Efficient processes
Immediate invoicing
Customized interfaces

Finance Export

We create customized data export to the invoicing program you use. That allows you to continue working with a familiar program while automatically providing you with the data required for invoicing.

Other modules and interfaces

Other Interfaces

You‘ll have other options for usage and expansion by combining MedicalPad ePCR with the following:

ITP protocol
Air rescue protocol
Vehicle and medical device reports
Interfaces to other software or hardware upon request


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