WEINMANN LP has been marketing the MEDUMAT EasyCPR emergency ventilator in the USA since January 2021.

“For us, communication at eye level is crucial. We know what the everyday life of our users is like because we have worked in the rescue service ourselves,” reports Enrico Nikolai (WEINMANN Emergency).

WEINMANN Emergency LP is a subsidiary of the German WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG.
The Hanseatic company has been developing medical technology for more than 45 years.

This is WEINMANN Emergency

WEINMANN Emergency sets the standard for effective and intuitive ventilation and defibrillation products and has an international reputation for innovation and reliability. With many employees who also serve as paramedics, our team understands the unique needs of our customers and their patients. Our engineers place high value on ease of use and compactness when designing innovative medical equipment, especially for the stressful out-of-hospital environment. Founded in 1874, WEINMANN Emergency offers more than 140 years of experience. The company is a specialist for emergency and transport ventilation, defibrillation and suction for emergency medicine, transport and disaster medicine.

Based in Hamburg and operating in more than 100 countries, the company has subsidiaries in Atlanta, Dubai, Madrid, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore. WEINMANN stands for quality Made in Germany.

Qualified medical personnel
Qualified medical personnel
Family-Owned and Operated
Family-Owned and Operated
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Commitment to Excellence
Commitment to Excellence

Why WEINMANN Emergency

  • We operate a large global network of regional contacts.
  • More than 100 countries worldwide use our products.
  • More than 60,000 MEDUMAT ventilators are in use around the world
  • Over 140 years of experience. Originally founded in 1874.
  • We set standards for saving human lives.
  • Our engineers place high value on designing innovations
  • We design equipment with a focus on ruggedness, compactness and ease of use.
  • We have a global service network. Professional support you can trust in.
  • NATO and the armies of its member states place their trust in our products.
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