User Interface

User Interface


User Interface

A simple and uniform user interface for all ventilators and defibrillators/monitors

Having a uniform and simple user interface is particularly important for medical devices used during emergency responses. Professional responders need to be able to use a number of different devices safely under immense time pressure. All of our ventilators and defibrillators/monitors are based around a uniform user interface. This simplifies operation and the user can switch seamlessly between different WEINMANN devices.

Operating concept screen

Emergency Mode

Quick-start Treatment

Three different patient groups can be identified by a color and an assigned symbol. This classification is the same for all defibrillators and ventilators. Emergency mode means that the patient receives treatment as quickly as possible using the preset parameters.

Emergency mode is displayed as soon as the device is switched on. For example, this is the case for MEDUMAT Standard² and MEDUMAT Transport emergency ventilators, as well as MEDUCORE Standard² defibrillator/monitor. Once the treatment has been started by selecting the relevant patient group, the parameters can be adjusted more precisely.

For devices without a display, the relevant colors appear on the scale of the multistep flow selector used to set the parameters. The adjustment ranges of the multistep flow selector are preset with suitable settings for the selected patient group. This means the user can set all the required parameters at once – like in emergency mode – by adjusting the multistep flow selector.

Starting Treatment Using Gender and Height

For Ventilators with a Display

A different, but still quick, way to set the ventilation parameters is by selecting the gender and height of the patient. After this, you only need to select the ventilation mode to start the treatment. The ventilator automatically calculates the ventilation parameters using the ideal body weight (IBW).

This function is currently available for MEDUMAT Transport and MEDUMAT Standard² devices.

Operation Concept
Operating Concept

Quick Access to Frequently Required Functions

Preset Keys on the Control Panel (Hard Keys)

The control panel is located on the front of the device on the right-hand side. This includes dedicated keys that always have the same function. This means you will always be able to access these keys, regardless of the mode that has been set for the device.

You can access the required function with a single press of the key. This gets you to where you need to be faster. All of our devices with a display follow this principle and we have considered which functions need to be accessed fastest and most frequently.