Preventive Maintenance

After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service for your WEINMANN Emergency devices

Your medical devices should function reliably and safely with as little downtime as possible. In order to achieve this, the devices must be regularly checked and serviced.

In some countries, regular inspections, electrical safety checks or maintenance are mandatory. The manufacturer recommends a service interval for each device and its accessories. This work may only be carried out by the manufacturer or by authorized specialists.

In addition to our subsidiaries, an extensive network of trained and authorized service partners are available to you worldwide. Select the “Maintenance, repair and servicing” item and your country on our contact page. The contact person responsible for service in your country will be displayed first. Alternatively, you can also always contact our After-Sales Service.

The WEINMANN Service Network Offers You the following Benefits:

  • Original spare parts
  • Trained employees
  • Special tools required
  • Tested measuring equipment
  • Suitable service workplaces
  • Detailed documentation

Original Spare Parts

Our original spare parts meet the highest quality requirements and have been manufactured especially for our devices in line with our specifications. They undergo strict quality checks before being delivered to our customers. Therefore, they cannot simply be replaced by third-party items.

Please note: If third-party items are used, functional failures may occur and usability may be restricted. Biocompatibility requirements may also not be met. Please note that in such cases, any warranty claim and liability will be voided if neither the accessories recommended in the instructions for use nor original replacement parts are used. Third-party items may increase the radiation output or reduce the interference immunity.

Trained Employees, Special Tools and Measuring Equipment

Only our employees and employees of authorized service partners have the required information and know-how to repair, service and check devices from WEINMANN Emergency. Technicians and engineers are trained at regular intervals by WEINMANN Emergency and have access to the current service documents, software updates and other information about our devices.

Special tools and reliable measuring equipment are required for servicing our devices. We solely authorize service partners who have the appropriate tools, measuring equipment and workstations.


Which Service Products Do Our Global Service Network Offer?

Device check

Device Inspection, incl. Calibration and Adjustment, Electrical Safety Check

During a device inspection, all the functions of your device are checked including all the activated options. All functions are tested on the basis of a test record. If there are any deviations, the device is adjusted or the customer is informed that a repair is necessary.

The device inspection is part of every maintenance and repair process but it can also be separately requested. In each case, our customers received a completed test record with their device. In the countries where an electrical safety check is mandatory, this is also included within the scope of the device inspection.

Precise work, particularly where medical technology devices are concerned, can be vital under certain circumstances. Think, for example, of measuring blood pressure or the dosage of breath volumes. Sensors and actuators of a device can deviate from their specified measured or control variables for various reasons over time. By means of calibration and adjustment, any deviations in the measurement and control loop are recorded and readjusted to the true reference value.

Regular calibration and adjustment support the safe use of WEINMANN medical devices. Furthermore, it is a requirement for meeting legal requirements and standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 50001, MDR or FDA QSR.

Preventive Maintenance

Would you trust an airline that does not inspect its aircraft regularly? You wouldn’t! So don’t compromise your patients’ safety by not caring for the state-of-the-art medical devices they count on. It ensures that your medical device works perfectly in critical situations.

Medical devices are subject to wear and aging due to use. Therefore, they need to be checked at regular intervals and wear parts replaced. The manufacturer recommends an appropriate interval for when to carry out preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is a low-cost investment in your device that will avoid the need to find significant funds for unscheduled and expensive repairs. In addition, regular maintenance reduces environmental and financial waste by delaying the need to completely replace a device.

Find out more about the benefits of preventive maintenance here.

Preventive Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance

Repairs (Corrective Maintenance)

A repair is required if your device no longer functions properly. In such a case, it may be necessary to replace defective parts. Both out manufacturer service and our authorized service partners only use original spare parts. Another advantage: You receive a 2-year warranty on every newly fitted original spare part.

By using original spare parts, you ensure the long-term performance and reliability of your WEINMANN Emergency devices.

Troubleshooting by remote diagnosis? It’s possible!

Call the responsible service partner or our technical service. Ideally, the service data (log files) of your device will be sufficient for our specialists to resolve the fault with you via telesupport. Simply store the service date of your device on the SD card and send it to us by e-mail. Refer to the instructions for use for your device to find out how to do this.

Should it be necessary to send in your device, please contact the responsible authorized service partner in your country or send your device to this address together with the returns and repairs document.

Updates and Upgrades For Your Devices

An update brings your product up to date. Existing functions are improved but no new functions are added. An update brings your devices up to date.

During maintenance, we check whether updates are available for your WEINMANN Emergency product. We will ask you if you wish us or our authorized service partner to carry out the update for you.

You can of course also update the product yourself. All you need is access to our login area.

An upgrade is a functional enhancement for a product. This means the hardware and/or software may be accordingly adjusted.

Examples of upgrades on WEINMANN Emergency products:

Upgrades can normally be carried out within a very short time. Your authorized WEINMANN service partner or our After-Sales Service will be happy to advise you.