WEINMANN Emergency

Hanseatic family-owned company on the road to success

08-09-2018 | Press Release

5 Years WEINMANN Emergency

(Hamburg) – WEINMANN is well known in the medicine technology sector for emergency and rescue medicine. The company from Hamburg operates globally and recently opened a new office in the USA. Following its demerger from the former WEINMANN Medical Equipment company in 2013, WEINMANN Emergency has now been an independent entity for five years. And it's grown into a very solid business: WEINMANN Emergency is an excellent example of a successful German medium-sized enterprise in the medical technology field. 

"We have enjoyed great success since the demerger back in 2013," comments COO/CFO Philipp Schroeder, adding: "We couldn't have foreseen just how successful we would become when we started. We are delighted that it has worked out just as we intended, and we are growing steadily in the right direction." WEINMANN Emergency has not only grown its workforce in recent years; the number of locations worldwide has also increased. Following from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the first sales office in the USA was recently opened. The company already operates from locations in China, France, Spain, Singapore and Russia. 

WEINMANN embodies genuine 'Made in Germany' quality. Production is carried out at our plant in Henstedt-Ulzburg, a few miles north of Hamburg. It, too, is marking an anniversary in 2018: the state-of-the-art production, logistics and service facility has been in existence for 15 years. 

WEINMANN Emergency focuses on the areas of ventilation and defibrillation and serves customers from emergency services as well as medical services of the armed forces and disaster protection. André Schulte, CEO Group and spokesperson of WEINMANN Emergency, explains: "We offer niche products and one of our strengths is our proximity to the customer. Our employees, some of whom come from the medical field, know the requirements and needs of the customers very well. Our solutions provide our customers with the best possible support in saving lives in their tough work environment. We are growing worldwide." 

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