Norman Gercken

N. Gercken

Customer Reference

“My favorite device?
It's the WEINMANN Emergency ACCUVAC.”

Mr. Gercken at RKiSH
Mr. Gercken at the Rescue Station

That's what Norman Gercken of RKiSH says without hesitation when asked about his preferred device. "At the press of a button you are ready to go" – the suction pump's simplicity and reliability are its strengths.

During his 23 years in emergency medical services, Gercken says he is always impressed with simple, reliable things. For example, the function check in MEDUMAT Transport. The check must be made at least once a day."I think it's really good. The process is clearly structured and afterwards you see a green checkmark that means 'finished, ready, up and running." That provides certainty.

In an emergency, intuitive operation has the highest priority. "There‘s so much going on, so many influences like the family, the patient himself, the barking dog in the next room and the apartment, the surroundings, the patient‘s disease, and so on. It‘s extremely helpful to have a device with a button simply labeled ’Emergency Adult‘. You press it and the device starts running." The experienced emergency paramedic Gercken makes fine adjustments to the device settings when it becomes calm and he is at ease.

Gercken became acquainted with the complex functionality of MEDUMAT Transport in a training session, which he says "was good and thorough." Between emergency responses Gercken looks into the many different setting options to learn the functions of MEDUMAT Transport so he can use them later. Most important, he sums up, is the person in front of the device. He has to have his wits about him, be alert and make the right decisions.